Stir Up Saturday – Themeless


Lots of posts from five years ago, but I can’t thematically sew these together.

Do you know what jumped out when I looked at MMMM #9?

Why did I post this picture twice? Sorry Terry. I’ll blame it on MMMM still being new. The thumbnails are too small in the post too.

I don’t have any formatting problems with the next post. Is formatting going to become the theme? I hope not. That’s going to be a boring and weak thematic connection.

No formatting issues with AW #137. The potential theme is dead. Can you believe how different eBay looked five years ago?!?! Eight solid listings. Eight sane final prices.

The #214 post makes me a little embarrassed. The Figure Guide is still under construction five years later. But I’ve always thought, “What’s the rush?”

Finally there is the Epilogue. When I look back at these they tend to fall into two groups: (1) pretty good or (2) shit-show. This one feels like the former. The mustaches still made me laugh. I can’t believe I was able to have a Video of the Week. There’s no way I could do it now. I just don’t see enough junk online anymore.

And the joke still makes me laugh.

Monday Morning M.U.S.C.L.E. Musings #9

Art 200: Big Daddy Vain and His Goons from Edge of Doom

Auction Watch #137

M.U.S.C.L.E. Figure #214

Epilogue – Week of July 7th

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