Stir Up Saturday – Writing is Hard

MMMM #40 marked the return of Professor Terry after a slight hiatus.

Terry stated that #108 was one of his favorite figures. I’m not questioning him, but it made me very aware how difficult it can be to accurately share your love of a figure. I felt that Terry’s writing did not convey his love of the figure.

But what is the best, or even easiest, way to convey those emotions?

The Meatgrinder from Tyler, Eric, and Jimmy might help answer that question. I love that figure. Did I convey that emotion?

I don’t think I did it very well either. Except for one paragraph:

Thats not what I saw. I see the meat getting its revenge. The original Meatgrinder has destroyed so many figures that “meat” is everywhere. The meat is fighting back and taking over.

Do you guys agree?

As I re-read the post most of what I wrote felt observational. But that one paragraph talked specifically about how the figure had fueled my imagination – and that is a feeling. I was describing a feeling.

I don’t think talking exclusively about feelings would always make the best reviews, but maybe being sure to include something about feelings is important.

Or maybe I just need to be a better writer. It could be that simple too.

The Epilogue wrapped up the week five years ago. It is a pretty short one. I’m guessing it was baseball related. Maybe it was work and baseball?

The most interesting thing from the Epilogue is that I started on Instagram five years ago. That doesn’t feel like it was five years ago.

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