Epilogue – Week of June 22nd

I get a lot of questions. I’m happy to answer all of them – ok, most of them. But then I got this one:

I have the m.u.s.c.l.e. hard rocking ring still in the box with 6 figures in it. I want to know how much it is worth.

Box - Front

Box - Front

What?!?! I am mystified, but let me explain why. This person has the item in front of them. If they have the “hard rocking ring” then it’s impossible to think there are “6 figures in it.” Hell, there’s only four figures in the cover picture of the box.

Then I thought, maybe they don’t have the ring? Maybe they have the Mega Match board game. But why would they think “6 figures” were in it?

Game Box Cover

Game Box Cover

On the front cover of the box it clearly says, “includes 10 M.U.S.C.L.E. creatures.”

But they say they said…but how could…six…but…two or 10…

Or do they just have a ring, with the box, and six figures? Yeah that’s it. But why didn’t they just say that? They found a way to write a very simple sentence in the vaguest way possible. And no mention of condition?

That’s always a winning approach when asking for a “value.”

I’m not being funny. Is this paint or an error?

Did you guys see my record?
I’m on instagram now. I’m figuring it out as I go.
Good for everyone, but great for the UK.
“Robots Hand.” I can’t stop saying, “robot’s hand.”
Damn. That is a mixed lot in every sense of the word.
If my wife wore this all day, and then tucked the kids in at night – they might cry.
Mine sold for $18.50 so $15 doesn’t seem crazy.
I like this lot for $0.99.
I’m 86.3% sure I went to this shop years ago and bought all their good M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.
Price is getting a bit high for me, but a nice lot of 28-packs.
With slightly better pictures this guy might get his price.
Should I pretend I’m shocked that it’s still for sale?
– I’ve said I don’t usually like chibis these are perfect examples of what I dislike.
It’s a shame when a seller plays one last time, and the picture isn’t very nice. Bummer.
A single figure doesn’t always make me pause – but a camel does.
If I make my BIN crazy, then the opening bid doesn’t look so bad.
When I go fishing I take my display case.
31 figures, but I really like two of them.
Future Strength seem to be showing up more and more often.
Another FS.
$0.99 for 50 figures.

Can anyone beat AOTW #16? I don’t think so.

So let’s take a week off.

(I’m having some issues. If you’re seeing this, then hopefully I can add a little bit more before other people see this.)

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