Future Strength Updates



This Future Strength update stirred the Future Strength fandom into action. Three collectors wanted to share pieces from their Future Strength collections.

The first addition to the Future Strength virtual archives comes from Lucas Rage.

He shared front and back pictures of Mellerdrammer and Bate-Man in their original color.


Bate-Man – Back

The next addition comes from Cameron L. (known as MoistSloth at LRG). He shared a picture of a translucent Blue Bate-Man.

Like the Yellow Space Eskimo and the Blue Mongrelman this figure has the raised “TAIWAN” trademark added to his back.

The final addition to the archive is provided by Chris K. (known as dixiebull at LRG). This is especially interesting because it is the first coloration of this type.

Bate-Man Comparison


Future Strength has been documented in its original color and translucent Blue, Yellow, and Green.

This figure appears to be a M.U.S.C.L.E.-like Salmon color.

Like the translucent figures, this figure also has the raised “TAIWAN” trademark added to his back.

If you have any Future Strength figures or packages to add to the archive, then please email a high-resolution picture to the University of M.U.S.C.L.E.. Please take the picture on a white background. Thank you!

Bate-Man – Back Comparison

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