Stir Up Saturday – Count Canary Claws

Count Dookula was getting his name. Who doesn’t remember that? I’ve had people stop me on the street to talk about this event. I think most people had a huge party this week in remembrance.

Perhaps less well remembered is Auction Watch #86. All joking aside, there really isn’t a historic auction here. However, I did find it interesting to get such a clear snapshot of that moment in M.U.S.C.L.E. collecting. I love watching interesting auctions and these auctions have full story arcs.

I probably had too many numbers in the first auction. Or should have broken up the paragraph. I needed to do something, because it is not the easiest paragraph to read – coming from the idiot that wrote it.

I mentioned Black Friday yesterday in the Epilogue. I really didn’t have anything to say about them as a group. It was not my best moment.

But this specific Black Friday post did have something that I really liked. I listed some of the most popular toys in our house as gift suggestions. The Four-Lane track and Batman car still get lots of use. The remote control fire truck was either poorly made or loved to death. Maybe both.

I liked looking back so much that I tried to find some of my other recommendations and found this.

I wasn’t going to top this, so I stopped.

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