Stir Up Saturday – Boring or a Copy; Never Both

The Site Map was created five years ago. That’s pretty boring. I was really glad that I added it, and I know people use it, but it is fucking dull.

Much less dull – showcasing Luke’s Scrap Sandayu figures. You can re-read the review. I don’t have anything new to add, except for one thing: You can buy them for $70. He doesn’t have the M.U.S.C.L.E. Flesh, but he has two other colors available. Plus the price has dropped to $70.

Custom Scrap Sandayu Figures by Luke Harris (l.designs)

These figures are such a weird piece of M.U.S.C.L.E.-ish history. At only $70 I think it is totally worth it adding to your collection.

The Identified Brands of Counterfeit Figures archive was created five years ago. I was ready to pat myself on the back, but I kept reading the entire post. I may have overthought it. Why wouldn’t the Lutteurs be in this section?

It is an identified counterfeit figure. If Future Strength is there, then why not Lutteurs?

Damn it. Looks like I have a little clean-up to do.

I really wish I could have simply patted myself on the back. Tying Scrap Sandayu, and a little praise, to Auction Watch #66 somehow seemed easier in my mind. Now I feel like I’m just tacking it on because it happened five years ago.

Even if it is tacked on, I do have three thoughts about AW #66. First, how badly do you want to order another Super Rare Can for $25? I wish those guys would make that gem available again. I bet it would sell-out in seconds. I bet they could charge $50 for Flesh and $25 for blind bagged colors. They would have $100 from me (one Flesh and two Colors, of course).

Second, it made me happy to see the board game figures sold for $11.76. That just feels like the right price for that set.

Finally, those counterfeit figures in the first auction are really cool. I wonder if they are the same as these figures. And could all of them be T.U.F.F. Guys?

This was used in another post. At some time. If you’re still pooping, then try and figure out which post originally used it.

  1. #1 by Imperfecz on March 4, 2017 - 8:54 pm

    Thanks for the heads up! Since these are made to order items, went ahead and added the flesh in stock.

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