Stir Up Saturday – Adam, Alec, Ray

The Adam Pratt OMFG Figures are a bitter sweet memory for me. Obviously the figures are awesome – like awe inspiringly awesome. However, it was the height of over-thinking the site.

I was trying to do too much. The site was actually doing pretty well, but I was spinning way too many plates around that time. I think it’s hard to look back because I thought I was doing a great job spinning all those plates. Hell, I was – but nobody can keep that shit up.

I want to switch topics.

Auction Watch #105 was part of the realization I should make myself laugh first. I started looking for weird, funny pictures to use. They are pretty stupid, but they still make me smile.

AW #105 was a pretty good one too.

I’m always conflicted when I see Alec come up. He certainly contributed a lot before his death, but he’s also one of the worst spots in my M.U.S.C.L.E. community experience. I actually had an entire post ready to publish, then I found out he was dead. Didn’t seem cool to post it.

Another Epilogue reminds me that I must host every picture – or it will disappear.

This song still makes me laugh, but the first verse should just be cut. Open with the chorus.

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