Stir Up Saturday – Impressive Figures

Five years ago the site had a pretty good week. What do you think?

I can’t believe I didn’t stick with Sculptris. I did a second sculpt which was better (anything was going to be better), but I knew better than to share it. My oldest thought it was cool, but he was five or six years old. I doubt he was critical enough. Did anybody else start playing with Sculptris?

Can you believe the online figure guide isn’t done? I can. I’ve never been in a rush to finish it.

The Auction Watch was interesting to me. The last lot sold for $16.05 – my guess of $12.25 wasn’t too bad for such an odd item. My SC 4-Pack guess was low, but does anyone remember the end of that story? Did he end up selling four or five of those things?

And does anyone know what happened with the first lot? It was a unique one.

Finally, that Allison Brie has been very popular. It has generated a lot of clicks, and probably a lot of disappointment when they checked out the website it came from. When you Google “uofmuscle gif” that is the one that shows up first. That Epilogue also had a catchy song that seems just a relevant today.

Art 300 – Editorial: Make Your Own Figures!

M.U.S.C.L.E. Figure #216

Auction Watch #112

Epilogue – Week of September 16th

Did anyone get the title? I’m sheepishly proud of it.

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    I did!!

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