Yellow Akumoko Discovered

Yellow Akumoko
From: Sydot Toys

I love when something like this happens. It might be one of my favorite parts of having the website. It might be my favorite.

Last week the first documented examples of Yellow FLAF/Strong Men were shared publicly. Here’s the best part; here’s the part I love.

Sydot Toys saw those pictures and said, “Hey, I have some of those!” (I don’t know that he said exactly that, but I feel safe imagining it was something like that.)

Instead of rushing to eBay to sell his “Rare YELLOW FLAF,” he wanted to share his figure with people and add him to the virtual archive.

Even better, Sydot Toys noticed something. His Yellow Akumoko has China stamped on his butt. His other Akumoko does not.

No China vs. China

Time for FLAF collectors to start looking at some butts. That may help to further classify Strong Men and unknown FLAF’s.

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