Stir Up Saturday – On This Date II

The level of success I want painting figures.

Those are some angry eyes. Anyways, what did I post this week five years ago? Nothing.

That’s why I’m continuing the “On This Date” format from last week.

Nothing in 2009.
Nothing in 2010.
Nothing in 2011.
Nothing in 2012.
Nothing in 2013.
Nothing in 2014.
Nothing in 2015.

My level of success when I try to paint figures.

Finally something in 2016.

That is so strange to me that it took eight years of UofM before there was a post on November 3rd. Weird.

And nothing in 2017. It almost feels like I shouldn’t post today to keep the tradition going. Nine years, including this post, and only two posts on November 3rd. That just seems so weird to me. I have to imagine it doesn’t seem as strange to anyone else.

Anyways, check out Mike’s painted figures. He does amazing work.

Art 200: Mike Hopton Spotlight

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