Stir Up Saturday – Toilet Claw

Hopefully you had a great Thanksgiving. And hopefully you weren’t one of the maniacs shopping on Black Friday. Even more so, I hope you didn’t have to work on either of those days. That seems like a nightmare.

I hope nobody minds me skipping Epilogue this week. By posting a review I didn’t have to work on Epilogue after stuffing myself with turkey. I also imagined I would be exhausted. Extended family can be exhausting.

Auction Screen Shot

About this this time, five years ago, M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors received the early holiday gift of the Toilet Claw. You can read through the details; I won’t repeat everything.

The thought I am left with after rereading is, “This doesn’t seem to happen as much anymore,”

Oh sure, we have hundreds of terrible M.U.S.C.L.E. auctions. Terrible single figure auctions; terrible opening bids and even worse BIN’s. However we don’t see as many overt scams as we once saw. Having said that, I’m sure we’ll see several scams over the next few weeks.

If we do, then we’ll all have a good laugh. The scams are always obvious and hilarious.

Auction Picture 2

That’s not true. Someone will always believe the money is going to a soup kitchen. In the face of an obvious someone will want to believe. Maybe that is admirable? Maybe they see the good in people.

Or maybe there is always a sucker.

One last point, I love that picture of the figure on the toilet. I have said before that stupidity makes me crazy. Seeing peoples’ stupidity makes it easy to see a scam from a mile away. But that picture makes me squeal with laughter.

Sure it is stupid. It should make me angry, but it just cracks me up. I always imagined the inner dialogue sounding something like this:

I need to get a nice shot of this figure. I need something clean, plain background.

They look around their cluttered, dirty dwelling. Instead of cleaning anything up they start walking around. Their eyes get wide when they pass their bathroom and look at the toilet.


Without another thought, piss drips and pubes circling the toilet seat, they start snapping away.

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