Stir Up Saturday – HiWay Hauler

Normally I try to pull something from five years ago. Last week I had to pull from six years ago. Seven years ago there wasn’t a website. Well, there was this hunk of shit but I can’t stand to look at it.

Tripod? Fuck me. That’s embarrassing.

Instead I’d like to take a look back at something that has been on my mind; the HiWay Hauler.

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=320]

I’ve been thinking about it because people have been brought to the website through PEZ searches. Crazy – right?

Once I started thinking about the PEZ Hauler I wondered if anything has happened with the handful of real Haulers. Not enough to spur me into action, but I did wonder.

Wrapping up my stream-of-consciousness sharing, I also wondered why I haven’t finished some of the other custom trucks I’ve purchased over the years. I have one or two old Haulers plus some newer trucks I’ve picked up over the years. I need to finish those projects or just give the trucks to the boys.

Then I saw my old friend Nate’s picture and realized. Forget the boys. I need to find some fast Hot Wheels. I’m tired of losing races to their cars.

Ok, enjoy your weekend. (Or, at least, enjoy your poop.)

And then I realized I did this about 365 days ago.


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