Stir Up Saturday – Color Changing Hauler

Can you believe the Wolf Voigt Spotlight was five years ago? Today he’s the king of Thermochromic, Photochromic, and Photo-luminescent products. Have you seen the things people can do with it?

In my mind it’s only been a year or two since Dr. M.U.S.C.L.E. struggled to say, “Solar. Color. Dust. Dot-com.” It’s been six. Crazy.

Wolf is one of the nicest guys you will come across in the minifigure world or any world. I’m super happy that his business is doing well. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Hated that Store!

While Wolf has soared, the Hauler stickers which were going to be in the School Store crashed. I fucking hated running that store. I fucking hate even thinking about it.

The easiest, and most popular, part was the logo I threw together as an example.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but that thing looks like a porno cover from the 70’s. It’s not the best effort I’ve ever given to the site.

When I look back at the store idea, it may be the one thing that bothers me the most. (I’m sure if I thought I’d come up with a few others – but work with me.) It was a mistake to ever try and make this site something more than a fun hobby.

With all of that said, I still have the stickers…somewhere. Don’t bother emailing me for a set. I honestly don’t know where they are. If I had to guess, then they’re in the unsorted boxes. Stuff that I thought I wanted, left in boxes, and haven’t touched in far too long. Thankfully that pile has become smaller and smaller over the years. Today it fits, basically, on one shelf. It used to be an entire basement. That will never happen again.

The Epilogue from March 4th featured this video.

Seeing this video again made me a new kind of nostalgic. I had an odd mixture of enjoying the old Turtles theme, but then feeling sad that the current version I watch with the boys is going away. Was I feeling a little sad that my boys will feel nostalgic like this too someday?

I honestly don’t know.

Ok, new plan for Saturday. Turtle battle with the boys. (I better get some use out of all those figures before they want the “new” ones.)

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