Stir Up Saturday – Still Stirring

MMMM #4 might be the shortest one ever, but I really like that picture.

Unfortunately it’s not as cool as the picture from the second post. Has there ever been a cooler picture?

It would be difficult to defend the “Yes” perspective. The sad part is that I don’t know how Brandon is doing. Doctor Dew hasn’t been on LRG. It feels like that post needs an update. Does anybody have one?

AW #133 is hard for me to revisit because it feels too self-congratulatory. The first two listings did whatever and the last two didn’t sell – like I thought. Did anyone ever buy that stained figure?

Finally the Epilogue. I had to laugh after I saw this picture:

I laughed because I’m having the same problem right now. Five years later and figures still pile up in front of the brick wall. Somethings changes and others stay the same.

Monday Morning M.U.S.C.L.E. Musings #4

Custom Mini-Figure Boutonnieres

Auction Watch #133

Epilogue – Week of May 12th

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