Stir Up Saturday – 1/12

What was posted five years ago? Nothing.

But I still wanted to do a SUS. So I thought I’d trot out “On This Date” again. (I hope you read “On This Date” in an old-timey radio announcer voice. If you didn’t, then please give it a second try.)

Since the website started mid-2009 there wasn’t a January 12th post in 2009. The first 1/12 post happened in 2010. It was a real dud.

What did make me smile was the picture. At the time I was living in Royal Oak and they were tearing down a bunch of schools. I went out and shot various construction pictures and school pictures with the intent of somehow using them for the site. I think this is the only one that was ever used because right after that our hard drive crashed. We lost a bunch of baby Dr. M.U.S.C.L.E. pictures (thankfully we were old school and had printed them too). Those school and construction pictures were also lost.

Wow! When I went to copy the picture it was titled “construction03,” could there be more?

Yes! But only two of them. And sadly none of the school ones (unless I titled them something weird, which I probably didn’t do at the beginning of the website).

Nothing in 2011. It was a Friday. I think that was before the Epilogue.

I think 2012 has an interesting post. It reminded me of this post. And now I’m really wondering if molding errors led to plugging some holes and eliminating the Beta figures.

On this date, there wasn’t a post in 2013. It was a Saturday and SUS was far from being created. The site hadn’t even existed five years. Obviously there wasn’t anything in 2014. That’s why were doing “On This Date”. (Did you read it the right way this time?)

MMMM #52 was posted on this date in 2015.

I clearly remember the picture to the right, but I had forgotten everything else about the post. I genuinely enjoyed re-reading it. Great write-up Terry!

AW #181 was posted on this date in 2016. Looks like I was WAY off on the 4-pack.

The 2017 post was also an Auction Watch. “Good. Bad. Hemming and hawing.” I was right on the nose summarizing that post. Is that good or bad?

Finally, last year an Epilogue was posted on this date. The Dark Blue #175 still makes me roll my eyes at myself. I still love the below picture too.

UofM Construction

Manufacturing Error Figure – The #223 Trend?

Monday Morning M.U.S.C.L.E. Musings #52

Auction Watch #181

Auction Watch #201

Epilogue – Week of January 7th

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