Auction Watch #277

Last week featured two listings. I fully knew the outcome of the first auction. I don’t think there is a single collector that is surprised to see a Green #153 still unsold with its $39.99 opening bid.

The only thing I knew about the second listing was that I couldn’t predict the ending. I was right. I wouldn’t have predicted $88.77, but it doesn’t see terrible either. Do I dare to say it might even be a decent deal?

My max bid was $25. I was not holding my breath.

I keep expecting the holiday-bill avalanche, but it hasn’t hit yet. In the last Epilogue I pointed out a $1,200 lot of 30 4-packs. I would never buy that because it is buying the project of selling 4-packs. Aparrantly, the seller loves projects because they have broken up the lot.

My visceral reaction was, “greedy bastards.” But they already wanted $40 per 4-pack. Now they wanted $3 more per-pack. Is this what people are spending?

This week I decided I would examine the M.U.S.C.L.E. items that have been selling on eBay.

Wow. It was far less interesting than I was hoping to discovery. There were sets that sold for around $300. Then there were lot after lot of figures selling for around $1 (plus or minus about $0.25 in either direction). Of course there were the shitty single figures too – nothing new there. Although I found it kind of funny that people would pay some of the prices. The $4.87 #180 Flesh figure made me audibly snicker.

There were some VERY WEIRD overpriced 28-packs (like this one for $90.24), but what do you say about outlier purchases?

I was left two conclusions: (1) nothing has really changed; and (2) non-M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors are buying M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. The second part is the only explanation that makes sense for some of the purchases.

There was one listing that is certainly worth talking about, especially given the most recent SUS. A Dark Blue #231 sold for $145.05 from a long-time friend. That’s right, she’s been around almost as long as the site. And she’s come down from her original price of $421.11. The Dark Blue #231 was highlighted again in AW #198 and since then she’s always been a good sport and easy going.

Over that time she as been “newhobby905,” then became “make-an-offer,” and today goes by “ohsooffices_1.” It looks like the third time was the charm because it does appear that there was feedback for the purchase. However, it did say, “Best Offer Price was Accepted.”

Maybe the figure sold for less?

After, at least, three years, five months, and one day (1,250 days). I am stunned that this specific figure finally sold; no matter the final price.


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