Epilogue – Week of April 8th

William shared his faded figures on the heels of the #33 Figure Mystery. Inspired by William, Peter Vander Haeghe wanted to share his faded figures too.

Faded Figures from Peter Vander Haeghe

I think I’m falling in love with faded figures. I think Peter might have fueled that love by taking such an awesome picture. He paired each faded figure with its corresponding un-faded color.

I found some of my faded figures and my first instinct was to start cutting them apart. I’ve been wondering, “What is the best way to do it?”

I think severing a limb is probably best, but I wonder if drilling small holes would be better. I may have to borrow Dr. M.U.S.C.L.E.’s lab and test it out.

Ok, let’s take a look at eBay.

Not a fan of these, but very curious to see where they end.
Enio may get some of my money.
Starting at $0.99 even I took a look.
Haven’t seen this figure in some time. I still don’t like it.
It’s not even an Error; just a Warp.
If this sells (because it is awesome), then Tyler and Eric need to make some more.
Basically the same thought.
Cute socks.
liseple-0 is just the worst.
“Box is kind of rough in spots but still great color!!!” Spots?
$14.99 and $13.99. I’m starting to believe sellers below the 40° parallel are insane. Or, at least, a greater probability of being insane.
If you’ve bought one of these, then I want to hear from you.
I wouldn’t pay $27, but I like the price tag.
“I said used but in excellent shape.” I know what they meant, but doesn’t that read oddly?
Nice lot.
New weirdness showing up in my search.
What?!?! Can anybody offer some insight?
I wish I could rescue those Future Strength figures.

There were so many contenders for AOTW. The auction above or this guy. Picking one doesn’t feel fun right now. What if we brought back the voting face-off format? We could expand it too! Maybe a fatal four-way with the top vote-getter winning.

I can’t believe in the last Epilogue I forgot to feature the race everybody loves. I won’t make that mistake again. Welcome back to your weekly installment of “Damn the torpedoes!


After 2 years and exactly 8 months Racer #1 looks to be done with his silly “discounts.” And, after 212 days (but we all know it is longer, but I’m only using tangible data), Racer #2 is no longer open to your offers.

What is the stupidest thing you have ever continued to unsuccessful do? Arguably mine might be following these figures, but I’ve been successfully following the race – I don’t think it counts.

Mine is…damn this is harder to think of than I expected. Stupidity and lack of success usually extinguish my behaviors pretty quickly. The only example I can think of is trying to get a girl in 7th/8th grade to fall in love with me. I kept trying, but she had no interest. But that feels like something everybody has to go through. It doesn’t feel special.

D’uh, I know! Trying to complete a Master Set. It’s stupid and I have been unsuccessful (but I’m sooooo close). That’s mine – for sure.

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