Warped and Manufacturing Error Figures Update

Shoulder & Head Tilt Left

The nice part (if that’s the correct thing to say) about taking a break from the website is that I’m overwhelmed with a backlog of emails to organize, respond to, and use. Many collectors have sent in various error figures to add to the archives. There’s one more “bigger” update after this “smaller” update.

The first figure, a warped #95 figure, comes from Jeff H. He shared a cool little story about this figure:

…here’s a pic of a muscle #95 warped figure, funny thing is that the guy I got him from said that he’s a rare figure because he’s warped, so he tried to charge me more for him, but I talked him down to $2, and the only reason I paid that is because I freakin love warped figures!!!

Indented Left Shin

This is the second example of a #95 figure added to the Warped Figure Archive. While this is only the second documented example, I have to say that the warping of this figure really stands out to me. I feel like I have seen this figure and Sunshine heads warped more than any other figures.

The second figure, a #228 figure from John (theGardener on LRG), features a modest, but interesting error to add to the Manufacturing Error Figure Archive. It has a small but very noticeable indentation in the left shin. While the location is different, the indentation looks identical to the one on the #123 figure.

Total Limb Deformity

And, based on the voting, it looks like #83 also needs to be added to the archive. I have to admit. I’m surprised. Prior to the #83 figure the most intense error was the #61 figure. The #83 figure is in even worse shape. It’s in such bad shape that it is hard to believe it wasn’t the result of torture.

Given how close the voting ended up only one thing is clear. Dr. M.U.S.C.L.E. needs to try oversee the faking of a tortured M.U.S.C.L.E. figure. Uncovering the simplicity or difficulty of that task may help debates like this one resolve much more quickly and easily.

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