Monday Morning M.U.S.C.L.E. Musings #69 (he he)

My 4-Pack Collection
by Professor Terry

This week I want to highlight the 4-packs I own and why I have chosen these particular packs.

I have finished collecting 4-packs, and don’t need any more of them, but these were my general rules when I’ve searched for 4 packs:

  1. Packs must be sealed. Yes, I know that’s obvious. 🙂
  2. I prefer packs with the hole un-punched. It says, to me, that it may never have sat on a store shelf and I like that idea. Though it may have sat in a 4 pack display piece.
  3. I had to have one each: (1) all flesh; (2) all colored; and (3) half-and-half.
  4. No price stickers or any other stickers on the pack. I hate all stickers!
  5. Packs should be in nice condition. No warps in the card or cracks on the bubble.

First 4-Pack

Onto my packs.

First, the all Flesh 4-pack containing the #55, #71, #111, and #177 figures.

The highlight for me here was the #71 figure. And the #111 isn’t a bad figure either. The Flesh 4-pack purchase came down to what I could get for a reasonable price. I have found that all Flesh 4-packs command more money and they are tougher to find in good condition.

Mine breaks rules number two and five. There is a little damage to the bubble and the hole is punched.

Second 4-Pack

Second, the half-and-half 4-pack containing a #73 and #126 in Flesh, a #108 in Dark Blue, and a #185 in Purple.

I absolutely love all four figures in this pack! The #126 figure was featured all the way back at MMMM #1. It’s Hulk Hogan for heavens sake! The #73 figure can be spun on his head. The #185 figure is such a favorite of mine I have him in two of my 4-packs. And the #108 figure is a damn good sculpt too. Easily my favorite of my 4-packs.

The fact that it’s in perfect condition and breaks none of my five rules seals the deal.

Third 4-Pack

Third, the Color 4-pack contains the Salmon #134, Magenta #107, Purple #20, and Red #145 figures.

This pack was purchased purely so I can have my all-time favorite sculpt, #134, sealed in a 4-pack. The bonus is the Magenta #107 figure which is also an awesome figure. The other two figures – not so much. I did own a Red #145 figure as a child. They could have had the three worst figures possible in this pack and I still would have bought it for the #134 figure.

It also doesn’t break any of my five rules. A really nice looking pack.

Fourth 4-Pack

Fourth, is another Color 4-pack containing Dark Blue #185, Light Blue #100, Orange #197, and Green #179.

This pack was from the same seller as the previous 4-pack; so combined shipping! It didn’t hurt that it had a Dark Blue #185 – a figure I cherished as a child. Adding to that a Green #179 I also owned as a child, but didn’t particularly like it.

A near perfect 4-pack, not breaking my rules and shipped with the other one, equals a winner to me.

Fifth 4-Pack

Fifth, is a third Color 4-pack. It contains the Salmon #189, Orange #179, Purple #58, and Red #35 figures.

Why did I buy this pack? I really don’t know. I like the Salmon #189 but not really the other figures.

The hole is punched but otherwise perfect, so it breaks a rule. I don’t have any other explanations – maybe it was insanely cheap and I couldn’t refuse.

Finally, my bonus colored pack which contains five #107 Sunshine figures!

No, it’s not a real pack – how awesome would that be?

#107 5-Pack

The pack is still 3/4 sealed. I bought the pack probably for the same reason I bought the 3rd colored 4-pack. In this case there was a Purple #133 in there which I couldn’t find anywhere else for at least two years. Being impatient, I decided that I’d open this pack to just get that figure out. I didn’t want to ruin a decent looking 4-pack, so I was able to really carefully pry the bottom part of the seal open without damaging the pack at all and got my Purple #133 out.

Then I had an empty 4-pack sitting there for a while until I went to display the Sunshine figures. Knowing that the #107 do not stand up on its own, the thought came to display all the non Class A ones this way so they can be seen. They fit really nicely inside the 4-pack and make a decent display piece. Some may say I ruined a 4 pack but I like the result.

Maybe if a Claw or Satan Cross 4-pack came along, at a reasonable price, I’d add to these packs. The artwork and color on 4-packs always appealed to me more than the 10-pack’s packaging. Then the fact that you could see exactly the figures you’d be buying as opposed to the opaque 10-packs was also appealing.

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