Auction Watch #270

The 10-pack, from last week, is still unsold. Not a huge surprise; not much to say about it.

However, our $188 BIN figure made me audibly laugh in a hotel room. I laughed so loud that I felt embarrassed. Not only did buyers avoid the $188 BIN – they also avoided the $2.22 opening bid. In a move that defies all logic, the seller relisted with an opening bid of $4.44 (with $12.88 BIN). Wow. Just…wow.

He increased the opening bid by 100% and decreased the BIN by 93%. For symmetry purposes I wish both would have had the same percentage change.

What does the eBay-dumpster-fire hold for us this week?

The first auction, M.U.S.C.L.E figure Muscle Men MUSCLEMAN KINNIKUMAN Green 4″ Rubber SUPER RARE!, made me think, “How long do you holdout for $20?”

For this seller it is, at least, 422 days! I swear he’s been in an Epilogue earlier than that – I just can’t find it.

After looking through 20 pages on eBay (each with 50 items) I could stand anymore. And I was still thinking, “How long do some of these people want to wait?”

So that’s the game this week – how long will sellers wait?

First I went to the Year in Review tag; hoping there would be an easy path. There was not.

I searched “Asshole of the Week,” but it went back to 2011 and I didn’t know where to start.

Shenanigans? Not really. Maybe eBay Entrepreneur Exchange? Maybe! We know newhobby/make-an-offer/ohsooffices_1 has listed his figures since 2015. That led me back to the damning of the torpedoes, which fizzled out in July after watching for about a year. But with all of those listings the greed was more extreme; the dollar amounts were higher.

What is the longest-running, lowest priced auction? I think the answer is our $20 Thumb Wrestler.

Can you find something that has been listed longer?

I hate to do this, but I couldn’t hold it in. This guy is hungry to be in the AOTW Fatal-Four Way Battle of the Champions. Holy cow.

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