Where Is My Comment?

This past week I learned that some comments were caught in the SPAM filter.

I have never, and will never, censor any comments on this website.

I support everybody’s right to show exactly how intelligent or stupid they can be online. Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me my post is stupid. Add your interpretation. Add your thoughts. It will all be posted.

However, the SPAM bots know this too. Since the beginning they have hammered this website. There used to be a SPAMbot of the Week in the Epilogues. But the excitement faded and it was retired.

Using a Comment approval process was the only way to stop the website’s Comments being filled with porn, dick pills, and other trash (it’s really an insane mixed bag). If your Comments were ever caught in the SPAM filter, then I’m truly sorry. You were not censored.

Here are some tips to avoid being caught in the SPAM filter:

  1. Use a real name. The more bizarre your name (LuckyFrosty69Dude) the more likely it will get automatically flagged.
  2. Use a real, dull, email. The SPAMbots have crazy emails. I think the filter looks for those. I’ve seen people try to be cute with their emails. It’s a waste of time. Nobody notices and the post is more likely to get flagged.
  3. Use a real website. Or none. A little promotion is a nice thing, but very long or very weird links will get flagged. I don’t care enough to search through thousands of SPAM posts to make sure yours is found. And if you don’t have a website – don’t put anything there.
  4. Watch the number of links. Do you have evidence that I’m wrong? Or an idiot? I want to see it. But don’t put 50 links in one post. SPAMbots do that too. There isn’t a setting that allows one link or 50 links per post. Just know, the more links you add the less likely I will see your Comment. Break it up over a couple posts.


  1. #1 by Walker26 on June 9, 2020 - 10:50 am

    “I support everybody’s right to show exactly how intelligent or stupid they can be online.”

    Love it!

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