Auction Watch #317

Using a small sample of data I predicted, in the last Auction Watch, that the Purple #153 should sell between $525.92 and $716.50. I also had a weird gut feeling about this one. Looks like my gut was correct – and I am shocked. I went back, digging through this site, to look for Purple #153 sale prices. It took way more time than I expected. I think this is the lowest sale price of a Purple #153 since the $280.51 one from September of 2013.

Honestly, I’m not sure what this means. Is it just a fluke? Are prices dropping? Do most #153 maniacs already have their Purple #153? It felt like it, based on the number of listings I’ve featured on this silly website.

The Hecks box sold for a little more than I expected, because of the Sharpie and crushed plastic, but not too outrageous for a window-box.

Obviously the necklace and box didn’t sell. There are only two scenarios where those items sell. First, someone buys the necklace to prove me wrong. That thing might be the worst M.U.S.C.L.E.-related item I have ever seen. I didn’t think anybody could beat the keychains, but this dope did.

The second way it sells is if a fucking lunatic buys the box. I know that sounds judgmental, but I don’t mean it that way. I truly believe only a crazy person would pay that much for a dumb box. For comparison, a Vintage Star Wars ROTJ box is currently listed with a $229 BIN. I think that’s also a shitty price (and item), but we’re talking about one of the largest and most evergreen properties in the entire world. There could easily be a SW lunatic that would buy that item. M.U.S.C.L.E. is not that property. There just aren’t enough lunatics.

Or maybe there are?

The first auction, 1986 Mattel M.u.s.c.l.e. Mega Match Game With Extra Action Figures, seems pretty good at first glance. It’s a complete set of board game figures. There are even a few extra figures and the opening bid of $9.99 is fair.

I’m not overly precious about the board game condition. I kind of like when the stickers have been applied. However, the game is missing the spinner – the only accessory to the game. I can’t remember seeing a spinner ever being sold separately. That probably means the buyer, if they are a completionist, needs to buy another game to get the spinner.

“Yeah, but the box will be displayed closed. I don’t care about the spinner. I’m getting a full board game set.”

That would be an inarguable point – if two of the figures weren’t damaged. If I’m buying the board game figures, then I’d simply want the set. Having to chase down replacement Green #177 and #180 figures doesn’t sound fun to me. Obviously it would be cheaper in a private sale/trade, but it looks like eBay is going to be around $10 per figure.

The second listing, Loose Hot Wheels White Racing Team Hiway Hauler w/Blackwall Wheels, was selected because I couldn’t stomach all the terrible M.U.S.C.L.E. listings.

Maybe it’s just an odd moment in time, but the HiWay Hauler prices seem to have surged. I know I bought carded Haulers to paint for a few bucks. Those seemed to have jumped up significantly to the $15 or more range. Even the loose ones are more than I remember.

Whenever I walk by a toy aisle I quickly scan the cars. I seem to have an infinite curiosity about the current state of HiWay Haulers. New Haulers might be the only low cost option (and some of them seem kind of cool – for a Hauler).

Whether you create a perfect replica of the M.U.S.C.L.E. HiWay Hauler or create a new version the critical component is the sticker set. To my utter surprise, there appears to be a seller selling that critical component.

The third listing, MUSCLE -set of 2 stickers-fits Hot Wheels Hiway Hauler Trailer- Clone Prototype, is a set of custom stickers.

It’s difficult to tell the exact level of quality for these stickers. But they look, at the very least, serviceable for creating a custom Hauler.

And at only $5 for the set, it kind of seems worth the gamble.

I have to laugh how far stickers like this have come since I originally created my custom stickers. Nate created the image for me, but I was…zealous in my pursuit for a high quality sticker. I ended up going to a graphic design place and spending way too much on the stickers to match what was in my mind.

I think all of it could be easily done with a home printer today. Hilarious.

It is probably hubris, but I still think my stickers are better. I wonder where I put them?

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    C’mon you can’t picture your self strutting down the street wearing that necklace combined with a battlin’ belt w/satans cross in the window?

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