Warped and Manufacturing Error Figures Update

Two new figures to add to the Warped Figure archive thanks to Al (bigburty). Having collected pictures of Warped M.U.S.C.L.E. figures for several years, it seems like Warped figures fall into two main categories: (1) Intense; and (2) Subtle.

These two new additions probably fall into the latter category. The #148 figure is interesting because it has a child-like characteristic. Little kids often roll onto the sides of the feet, and basically squirm when they have to wait in a long line for a bathroom. This #148 looks like he is waiting to use the bathroom.

Tilted Head & Odd Feet

UPDATE: I had another problem with the pictures. As I was fixing it, I thought that the #5 figure was actually a duplicate of a previously posted figure. I figured the #5 from the Manufacturing Error Figures Archive had simply been traded. But it is a different figure. The arms are in a different position. And, although it is hard to see, the second #5 figure also has a crotch dent (which I missed on the first pass).

#5 (Example #2)
Unusual Arms & Crotch Dent

And please remember, pictures of Warped and Manufacturing Error figures are always being accepted. Please send any pictures and a brief explanation to uofmuscle@gmail.com.

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