Double-Trouble from Iconoclast Toys

Double Trouble
By Iconoclast Toys

Double Trouble by Iconoclast Toys

Back of Header Card


These resin figure were created by Iconoclast Toys. The figures appear to be inspired by In-N-Out Burger.

The “single patty” figure is built on the #17 figure. The “double patty” figure is built on the #182 figure.

The burgers appear to be 100% original creations. The bodies of the figures have not been altered in any way. The burgers have replaced the original heads.

These figures were purchased for $12, but is currently Sold Out. The figures take their coloration inspiration from the original keshi/M.U.S.C.L.E. color.

The ‘Double’ (Back)

The ‘Double’

When I purchased these figures I immediately thought of the figures from Edge of Doom. I had some initial concerns about the “head swap” factor. Was I going to like these figures more or less when they arrived?

I often talk about header cards. I think they can add a great deal to the initial enjoyment of a figure. This card did not add anything positive, nor did it detract from the figures.

I feel that proportion is critical to the success of a head swap figure. For these two figures it felt slightly off. The burger for the “single” feels just a little bit too small. And the burger for the “double” feels just a little bit too big. But this is a very minor complaint.

The ‘Single’

The ‘Single’ (Back)

The sculpt of the “double” is the better of the two burger sculpts. The height of the burger makes it feel a little more like a promotional image of a Big Mac, but the header card does ground it as a Double-Double.

The “single” patty is another great reminder to reserve judgment until holding a figure. From the pictures I saw online I thought the single burger head looked pretty good. Once I held the figure, I thought the figure looked like a vagina. I wish I did not think that, but once I saw it – it was impossible to un-see.

Do you see a vagina?

Like its Power Claw cousin, the coloration is not a perfect original keshi/M.U.S.C.L.E. color, but it is close enough to see the connection. Targeting the original keshi/M.U.S.C.L.E. color has become both a blessing and curse. Collectors seem to like it and customizers can get very close to it; but unless it is a perfect match it could be viewed as a “miss.”

Finally, the price. This set of figures was sold as a pair for $12. The Power Claw sold for $5. Were each of these worth a dollar more than the Power Claw? Probably not. Perhaps it required more resin. Even at one dollar more than the Power Claw it is difficult to complain about a $6 minifigure. Again, my preference is a rubber figure to a resin figure, but does it matter once it is on the shelf?

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