4-Pack Archive Update

Things get stuck in my head. It has always been a blessing and a curse. When it is positive it makes me a bulldog; unwilling to stop until I accomplish a goal. However, it’s not always positive. Sometimes it serves as a distraction; pulling me away from what I should really be focusing on. The most recent Stir Up Saturday was much more the latter.

I had to dig through my 4-packs. I had to find out if I had any undocumented 4-pack combinations. I thought looking at the most recent 4-pack color combination would satiate me. I was wrong. When I realized there hasn’t been an update since March 19th, 2012 I knew I had to check my 4-packs.

This time I am going to say it was positive (maybe I’m trying to look through rose-colored glasses). I have eight 4-packs to add to the 4-Pack Color Combination Archive. The addition of these eight means that the archive is almost halfway (46%) to documenting ever possible 4-pack color combination.

If you have any undocumented 4-pack combinations, then please send pictures to uofmuscle@gmail.com. Here are the eight additions:

LB, S, M, P

LB, G, R, S

DB, G, S, P

DB, S, M, P

DB, G, R, S

DB, G, R, O

DB, G, M, P

G, S, O, M

I did want to highlight one other thing. I’ve probably seen hundreds of 4-packs. In my mind the figures are always mixed up. That’s why this 4-pack stopped me in my tracks. This might be the most perfect 4-pack I have ever seen. The figures look like they are perfectly placed; like soldiers standing at attention. Have you ever seen a 4-pack like this?

The Perfect 4-Pack?

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