Epilogue – Week of January 1st

I had high hopes for 2012. I thought every day I would be a little more positive. The very first auction I clicked on made me realize a new calendar doesn’t change anything. Why did I have to find the Asshole of the Week on the very first auction I looked at? I hate these types of auctions. They reek of smarmy, unscrupulous sellers trying to capitalize on excited, opportunistic buyers. Congratulations to chasewild.333! You’re the first Asshole of the Week for 2012.

I love a warped figure, but my offer would be $0.50 (ok, $1 – tops!).
The BIN is ok, but I’d make an offer of $20.
This guy wasted his time and money by having a reserve.
Even with a $199 opening bid this lot might sell…if you could see what you were buying.
These M.U.S.C.L.E. figures will likely never find a good home.
$30 BIN for 16 Flesh figures?
Good lot, too bad the starting bid sucks.
Nice Flesh 10-pack. Wonder how high it will go?
FLESH #153!!! Bidding war time!
Anyone need an over-priced, fair condition #153? No?
When I see M.U.S.C.L.E. figures on paper towel it makes me oddly nervous.
I don’t think the shitty ring hurts this auction at all (honestly).
125 Flesh figures are always worth a look.
I was going to bid, but I don’t want to collect and display these figures.
Awful price, but one M.U.S.C.L.E. faced some rough (but fun) playtime.
42 mixed figures. Not bad.
Terrible price, but I love the ugly silver Kinnikuman bootleg.
The opening bid price feels more like a final price for this lot.
Lot of 57 figures. I wish the shipping was lower.

Even in the not-too-distant past I was thankful that Tim Burton never got to make his Superman movie. Everything I have ever seen and heard made me think it would have been the ultimate insult to the iconic hero Superman. However, this most recent grouping of pre-production art and video has changed my tune.

I still don’t think it would have good, but it might have been what Superman needed. The pedestal status of Superman has halted his evolution. I feel like Burton’s Superman would have given Superman the general public renaissance he seems to need.

Found because of Ain't It Cool News.

If you have little kids, then you’ve probably see at least a few seconds of Pingu. I know that I’ve seen more than I’ll ever need. However, this was the best 2:32 of Pingu ever! It’s a brilliant pairing of Pingu and John Carpenter’s The Thing. I loved it. Even if you’ve never seen Pingu (and you love The Thing as much as I do), then you’ll love this video!

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