Epilogue – Week of January 8th

Yesterday was originally going to be an Auction Watch post – the first of 2012! However, there wasn’t anything deserving of special attention. Sure there are some decent and/or interesting auctions, but nothing with a really interesting story. Not the best way to start 2012’s M.U.S.C.L.E. auctions.

167 Figures, good. From Canada, better. Ultimate MUSCLE – there won’t be anything I need.
Speaking of Canada, I didn’t check on these two.
This just seems like a classic M.U.S.C.L.E. auction.
Easy to replace with what?
What could go wrong?
Are Ultimate MUSCLE figures the hallmark of a shitty lot?
Over 260 figures. The length of that description worries me more than the price.
169 Flesh figures, does he know if they were made by Bandai?
Terrible price. These 200 figures would hit $90 or $95 on their best day.
I wasnt going to over pay, but “EACH LISTED by NAME!”
Must. Win. Now. Lame. Claw.
I’m just over the over-priced Claw phase. Next.
The price seems high, because the lot isn’t that interesting.
I wouldn’t do $40, but there are a couple nice bootlegs.
Hard to see, but free shipping and a $1 makes it worth a bid.
I don’t know Cosmix, but I’d consider it at only $1 and free shipping.
$0.49 starting bid. I like this guy.
$0.01 starting bid. I like him even more.
55 Figures, a little beat – but I like this lot.
C’mon. C’mon. Let’s all stop being silly.
$20…could this be a joke?

I don’t really love the movie Dodgeball. I don’t know that I even like it that much, but, at least to me, there were a few hilarious scenes. I find myself oddly referencing this scene pretty often – mainly when one of the boys throws something and accidentally hits the other one. Somehow a little TV and snack stop the tears faster than me saying, “If you can dodge a Hawkman, then you can dodge a ball.”

My wife always says, “Who would know you’re such a big softie?”
I guess after this week’s video – everybody. Apparently this kid’s Grandpa can’t fly for health reasons and they rarely see each other. The mom and kid flew to Germany to surprise him. If this reunion doesn’t (at least) make you smile, then you might be fully dead inside.

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