Epilogue – Week of September 29th

As of writing this there are 20 hours left in this auction and its at $31 for 160 mixed figures. What?!?! How can this be? So many far, far shittier (is that spelled right?) M.U.S.C.L.E. auctions sell for much, much more. I hope this doesn’t spike in price, but up is down and left is right. I’m so confused.

I read this and could only think about M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.
At $0.99 I don’t even mind that he’s missing his head.
It’s a shame this really cool lot has a reserve price.
I try and stay positive, but this makes it tough.
Somehow a cut-card CUTIE brings an evil smile to my face.
No. Wait. This kicked my teeth back in.
Is that a weird paint app or an ink stain? I assume ink, but I’d like an expert’s opinion.
Umm..what is the bright side? $3.04 per figure?
Indeed. “L@@K.”
If you want a happy kid, buy this. Trust me.
That #141 made me look past the price and everything.
Wow. 201 figures, but a lot of weird choices in this auction.
My mistake. I should have saved the ‘wow’ for this auction.
63 Flesh figures. Is it the picture or are they dirty?
Up-side: Mixed lot. Down-side: Shitty stuff.
Shitty picture. Over priced. This is where the next Non-Poster will be found.
If they had used the 60 figure picture…I’d still think it was over priced.
11 pictures too many, but a great perfect main picture and $0.99 starting bid.
This is kind of the opposite of the last auction.
Is the Sunshine figure’s head warped?
A Satan Cross auction worth looking at.
And one not worth looking at.

When I first saw the video below my first thought was, “What a fucking millennial.”

That’s true, but it’s too simple. It’s just how the world works. Everybody thinks they’re better and smarter and should be the boss. But they aren’t. You have to put in your time. Even if you are better, smarter, and should be the boss – you have to wait.

That’s why I liked the company’s response.

It’s not better or smarter, but it accepts the reality. “We need a new employee. Maybe the person that likes this video would be a good fit.”

Whatever. I’d rather this occupy my brain.

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