Epilogue – Week of January 1st

Did you guys read this article?

I saw it show up in some various feeds with some version of the headline, “Kids born today will never drive!”

I had to read the actual article after seeing that headline because I don’t believe it at all. My work has had me cross paths with some autonomous driving companies. It’s impressive, but there are still plenty of bugs. I will be curious watching it all unfold. I would love to be proven wrong.

But I had to laugh too. Henrik Christensen was giving his opinion. Right. Wrong. Somewhere in-between. Who knows?

From the December 4th Epilogue

It made me laugh because I imagined someone getting upset by his opinion. It reminded me of the “heavy hitters” comment from late last year. The idea that people could get upset over anything written on this site is intensely entertaining to me.

I was bummed that the contest didn’t have any takers. It seemed like a fun idea to me.

But maybe it was an impossible task?

If it wasn’t impossible, then maybe it was too much work. Trying to comb through the site imagining what hurt a “heavy hitters” feelings doesn’t sound fun or easy. Shit, I don’t even know how I would start and it’s my stupid site. Maybe I didn’t think that contest through thoroughly.

I wish the heavy hitters took advantage of The Sunday Paper, but nobody but Brian did that.

157 auctions this week.
This seller is going to get a nice surprise.
47 mixed figures.
I wish the counterfeit figures were being sold separately.
$0.99 starting bid. Why do I find this lot charming?
– When I saw this lot I had an instant flashback to this. (I don’t know why.)
“If you have any questions…” Why dude? Why?
Is it the pictures or are these figures really dirty?
Green MUSCLEMANIA #11. I think I need it, but I fear I have five sitting around because I haven’t updated my pictures.
Mentioned the Flesh lot in AW #200; here’s the Color lot.
Instead of one clear picture he took four blurry pictures.
I really like that silver figure. I love the flashing around the hand. (Not a joke, I really love it.)
I like the auction picture.
I like this picture too, but the price is way too high. It has to start, at least, half the opening bid.
Has any figure fallen more out of favor?
Given the condition of these figures I was shocked the lot had a bid. Custom fodder?
Perfect price for this ring.

I saw this auction, an I became curious about the other puzzles. I liked the art. I took a look at their other auctions and was shocked to see this.

I’m guessing there is a significant connection to the M.U.S.C.L.E. ring. Given the 1986 copyright I would bet Bandai was making this at the same time as the M.U.S.C.L.E. version. They have the same clamps. And I would bet the farm that the “rocks” fit perfectly over the ring posts. They even share the same cardboard insert.

Hardcore M.U.S.C.L.E. nerds will be bidding on this. I’m sure I’ll be out bid, but I’ll be very curious watching this auction unfold.

Looking at these listings.

There were 157 auctions and I felt about 9% were worth commenting on. There are 4,158 BIN listings. Let’s see what this percentage turns out to be.
I hope the buyer reads the description. These are two open 10-packs with a $198 BIN.
A dirty DB #157 with a $24.99 BIN. Makes a clean Flesh version seem like a steal at $4.45.
“Class C”

I could only make it through 550 listings. I couldn’t stomach anymore. Of the 550 I looked at almost 1% were worth a mention. That’s higher than I would have guessed. If I had made it through all 4,158, then it would have been 0.1%. That feels more appropriate.

When I finished looking through the eBay listings I needed a palate cleanser. I gave Etsy a try. The results were…fascinating. I can’t say I was surprised to see overpriced figures, but I was surprised to see the figures. Etsy does not seem like the right place to find M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors. Maybe sellers there are hoping to capture the impulsive partner market? “My boyfriend will love these!”

The digital downloads for $4 may have been the most…fascinating.

It’s just a picture of a M.U.S.C.L.E. figure. There’s nothing special about it. Nothing. It’s literally a picture you could take with your phone. I’ve purchased M.U.S.C.L.E. art and even a picture of a M.U.S.C.L.E., but there has always been something special about it.

This person is selling a jpg for $4. She isn’t even sending you a printed picture.

My favorite item was the t-shirt. They didn’t exactly break the mold with the design, but I like it. I may need to pick one up.

You may have noticed there wasn’t an AOTW. Is the website becoming all sunshine and roses?

No. The AOTW was yesterday and it was me. I can’t believe I fucked that up. I may have earned Hall of Fame status for that screw up.

I also saw this gif this week. It made me smile.

I think we all know someone this would happen to if they saw it.

I would give anything to forever scar the boys with this. We went to the Shedd Aquarium and the boys weren’t overly blown away. In fairness, they’ve been to aquariums. And how can anything top Sea Base and the Coral Reef restaurant for kids?

I’d love to shock them back into reality with this.

Speaking of the boys, the post Christmas winners and losers of toys are still shacking out. But if you have little ones, then you’ve got to plan on buying Osmo at some point.

I fought with my 6-year old to practice his math this summer. I can’t tear him away from the math and word games. It is a 100% hit.

The 9-year old doesn’t love it as much, but there’s still enough for him too. He has to select the more difficult levels.

The Death Star/X-Wing game looks to be on the way to loser-ville. It hasn’t been super easy to control and set-up. They are losing patience with it. If things don’t magically improve very soon, then this might be the first official losers.

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