Epilogue – Week of July 8th

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I didn’t want to do it, but this auction forced my hand. I literally don’t even know what made me the craziest. Was it the $69.99 BIN price? Was it his use of “nows ur chance” in the auction title? Was it the one-word “SATANCROSS!!!” with three exclamation points? Honestly guy, lose one of the exclamation points at you’ve got room for that badly needed space between Satan and Cross.

But it had to be the auction description, paired with the picture seen to the right, that truly forced the return of Asshole of the Week. Here’s the auction description:

Clean. Perfect Mold. Look Closely at Pics. I will have more Satancrosses to come in various conditions. This is one of the best condition ones. No marks.

Congratulations hegetroncorp, you’re the Asshole of the Week. And potentially the first two-time winner of the award.

UPDATE: Fuck me. I checked the Asshole of the Week link and nearly shit myself. $59 for a badly damaged Satan Cross.

It just makes me sad. This auction may have cured me of ever wanting to buy another M.U.S.C.L.E. figure – and I only need 15 more. I never agreed with the hype and prices of Satan Cross. However, I could still understand the behavior of paying more for Satan Cross. Someone paying $59 for this figure is a travesty.

This auction makes the Asshole of the Week look even worse.

Universe of Violence 2-packs go on sale July 29th.
The first image from the second wave of H.A.C.K figures from Amerikaiju.
Limited edition H.A.C.K. single figures.
94 Flesh figures.
Seems like a lot of this lot with 5 days to go.
$40.00? What?
Nice lot of 72 Flesh figures with opened 10- and 28-packs.
“Rare. “Helmet” Man in Pink, very rare.”
Great lot of 60 keshi with a $0.99 starting bid.
The starting price is right, and I actually like the yellow figure.
This lot will not sell to anyone in the US.
But I’m sure someone will cough up the $21 for shipping to get their precious Light Blue #153.
The board game. I wouldn’t pay $50 for it, but will someone?
$21.99 for the worst mix of junk, with M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, ever.
Just over 100 figures, but a $90 starting bid?
Canadian M.U.S.C.L.E. auction and not a single figure I need.

Originally I thought that this insane audition video with Bob Kraft and his girlfriend Ricki Noel Lander would be the Video of the Week. It is one of the best and worst videos I have ever seen. And then I saw this (just skip to 0:30):

And my Picture of the Week? Well, since I won’t be going to SDCC the picture below is as close as I’m going to get.

When I originally titled the auction Non-SDCC UofM SDCC OMFG Exclusive I thought it was pretty funny. Once it listed I thought, “Jesus Christ, that is confusing. And not that funny.”

I thought about trying to explain the joke – but that would be even worse. Now I just want these figures to find an owner that will be as enthralled with them as I am.

Adam Pratt/UofMUSCLE - Painted OMFG Figures - Natural Set
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