Epilogue – Week of Sept. 2nd

Asshole of the Week – by a mile.

In a weird way I have to admire someone that just spits in the face of logic. Someone that says, “Fuck it. I didn’t sell it with a $99 opening bid last week. I’ll just jack it up to $199 with a $249 BIN.” (Which is the highest BIN he’s had after months of listing.) Bravo.

Less than 5 copies left.
$0.99 always deserves a look.
6 figures with a BIN of $19.99. I can’t write anything besides the facts on this one.
How about $14.99 for 3 figures?
Simple. Live in Australia? Buy. Live anywhere else? Skip.
Honestly, this auction MUST be a joke for M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors.
Given the current M.U.S.C.L.E. climate this will sell for more than it should. But I like this seller’s approach – $0.99 starting bid.
Need a broken custom?
Custom fodder lot.
Wow. Really?
A good bath toy. Worth it’s weight in gold.
If you were the bidder, then please email me. I have a few questions.
The ropes are loose, but the price is right.
But I would try and win this one.
Even on eBay, Detroit is backwards.
If you’re going to charge that much, then OF COURSE you start with three faded Grape figures.

I don’t have all the details worked out, but look for pre-order details coming up next week. The picture that Triclops Studio sent over was just super exciting – easily Picture of the Week for me.

The UofMUSCLE.com Exclusive Blood Red Tommy Tanker Figure

I saw this one YouTube. As soon as I saw it I knew it was my video of the week. By Thursday night YouTube had removed it. Thank goodness that CBS dropped the hammer. I had to find it on their site. What does this accomplish?

It was clearly a CBS story. It made me want to watch CBS Sunday morning because they always run stories like this. But then it got taken down. Congratulations CBS. You found a way to shit on one of the nicest stories ever. Thank God they didn’t cover Caines Arcade.

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