Epilogue – Week of January 13th

I imagine there is not a single person that wants to, again, hear my thoughts on when the price of M.U.S.C.L.E. auctions get out of control. Well, too bad – blame this auction.

My job forces me to understand peoples’ motives and behaviors. And I love my job. I love analyzing people. And it’s hard for me to turn off – especially when I care about someone or something. In this case, the “thing” is the M.U.S.C.L.E. collecting community. I believe this community should be nothing but fun, because M.U.S.C.L.E. was nothing but fun. It was the Libertarian party of toys. And not to get overly political, but I think that basic ideation (do what you want, but don’t hurt me) works pretty well for M.U.S.C.L.E. collecting too.

Very often I hear collectors justify the prices they pay. They say something like, “I spend whatever I want!” That’s true. But your outlandish spending drives a freight train right into the side of my hobby. Do what you want, but don’t hurt me.

I wish there was greater comfort within the community regarding having a conversation about prices, but I’ve never really experienced that. It’s my experience that people feel defensive. The question, “why?” seems to instigate rather than bring understanding.

While I certainly value the nostalgia component of M.U.S.C.L.E. collecting I’m always shocked when it is given as a spending rationale. “I loved them as a kid and I want to get some of that back.” I am nostalgic for a lot of things, but it has never caused me to excessively spend money. But looking more broadly towards the price of nostalgia is probably a much greater discussion.

I just wish there was an inexpensive way to capture nostalgia. Any ideas?

I don’t go looking for the Asshole of the Week. It’s like they run up and spit in my face. And just when I get the spit of my face, someone else is right there to spit.

- I’m covered in spit at this point.
- If you buy this in 3XL, I’m not sure there is enough irony to help you pull it off.
- Am I missing something?
- Need a Non-Poster placeholder? Then check this out.
- 80 Flesh figures.
- The hobby calls this, “A shitload of figures.” All very technical.
- Maybe I’m going soft, I kind of like this lot.
- I’ve never seen a dog-trying-to-escape-rape mini-figure. Well, until today.
- $60 as a starting bid is brutal.
- As of writing, $30 with 4 bids. What am I missing?
- The seller is fatwhitelump01, I bet he’s selling these to renew his gym membership.
- I don’t collect these, but this strikes me as a hell of a deal.
- “What a fucking colossal waste of time.” My thought every time I see pictures like this.
- Déjà vu.
- Playing the dead mother card I see. Well I bet that cracked clasp is hidden by the figure. You dishonor her memory.
- 215 mixed M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.
- 60 figures, but only one is a #208.
- 61 figures, but a #208 ain’t one.
- 137 Flesh figures and not a single #208.
- Flesh #153 4-pack. I broke the BIN. I want to see this sale price.
- A 4-pack and 10-pack starting at $0.99. Take a look.
- Finally a Flesh #208, honestly it had been like two weeks since I saw one.
- Fact. This would kill me.

This was an easy Video of the Week for me. I love magic. I try and learn tricks to keep my kids entertained in an emergency. And I suck. Thankfully toddlers are easy to entertain with bad magic tricks. So I started watching this from a purely magic-fascination perspective. However, as it continued I found my brain replacing “Art” with “custom M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.” I would encourage you to do the same. It had a very profound and positive impact on my thought process regarding custom figures.

Speaking of art, the Hell Turtle forced me to add this Jimmy-like picture. Eric, Jimmy, Wolf, and Phil(?) are turing out some amazing figures. This is a couple shipments worth of stuff. I haven’t been able to take proper pictures because I’m in the middle of a move and the “university” is in a box. But don’t wait for me. Take my word and go buy some figures!

 Epilogue   Week of January 13th

Sorry for the picture quality. The full-blown review will make up for it.

And before I get too far away from the idea of art and awesome figures I want to mention OMFG. I’ve said it before, but the Series 2 OMFG figures are awesome! Forming a solid opinion on a line of figures, or even a single figure, before holding it in your hand is completely unfair. I can admit Series 2 didn’t initially excite me like Series 1, but how could it? Everyone will always be chasing the dragon when it comes to OMFG. Series 1 was a complete surprise, that same feeling will never return – but it doesn’t diminish Series 2, it’s just different.

Of course I would love for everybody to buy a set of Yellow OMFG figures, but collectors need to support the other exclusives too! Hell I’d like to see all of the groups doing exclusives support each other a little bit more, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

But I can do what I would like to see other people do. Check out these other cool Series 2 OMFG exclusives!

And this video is here, because I love a good hidden ball trick. And this is a beauty!

Based on the overwhelming popularity I promised more ladies in the Epilogues (Or was it boobs? Eighteen days into the year and I can’t remember – not a good sign.). This week I selected probably the most popular woman, at least currently, in the US. However, I felt like the image was just a tiny, tiny bit NSFW.

So click here to get your weekly lady fix.

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