Epilogue – Week of March 23rd

I say this with peace and love.
Peace and love.

As Ringo would say, “I say this with peace and love, peace and love.”

I’m happy to answer just about any question I receive. And most of the time they are like “Jdude’s” question below:

Hey I found a #174 in the back yard Ashuraman with a hurt arm? any value? I can send pics

But this was originally posted in the Comments section of The 233 Counterfeit Collection. C’mon guy. Just email me at UofMUSCLE@gmail.com – there’s a super easy icon at the top of every page. And there’s even an email contact at the very bottom of every page.

But to answer your question…

Ok, that’s not true. But it’s the first thing my brain thinks of when I get a question like Jdude’s question. Because I like to give helpful answers – Jdude, here’s the truth: If you found it outside, then it’s probably not in great shape. If it’s Green, then you’ve got the most desirable version. Followed by Dark Blue and Light Blue. And finally all the other colors. Honestly, if it’s anything but Green, just give it to some kid or leave it in a sandbox because it’s not worth anything.

Let’s look at some M.U.S.C.L.E. auctions.

I mentioned this auction on Wednesday when I didn’t finish my Nestle Quik write-up. It’s worth mentioning again and not because of the Class A, price, or popularity. I was amazed that someone took the time to find out a Purple #2 was a Class A figure and then called him “Terry Bull.” You’ve got to admire their natural attention to detail. Well done.

Too tired to think or look. But here’s a small lot from Canada.
Unless you’re clicking this early Friday – it’s done.
Interesting auction description background choice.
AOTW or simply a fucking asshole?
Satan Cross. Or 9 Flesh figures. You’re call.
65 Flesh figures.
Given the market, this lot isn’t too bad.
Nobody told me this, don’t buy socks for infants. They just kick them off.
– Poor Stumpy stuck in that over-price auction.
That Mickey head is begging to be turned into a custom.
My boys asked for the ring, I would consider this is I could see the clamps.
The 28-pack seems to be in nice shape. I don’t think this is too bad.
That table is so shiny. I figured the 2nd picture would feature a fat, naked guy in the reflection.
Does the one Battle Beast help the opening price?
Fun little mixed lot. My best offer would be $10.00.
Fuck your price bettencourtnostalgia.
This is a lot that should end up with kids. Not priced at $175.
“LOT OF 36 – 80’S – PLEASE READ.” Why?
Someone remind me about this seller next week when I need another AOTW.
This seller cares enough to show you every angle of the totaled 4-pack.
But it is cool to see blue specks on the figure.

After an eight week winning streak. A winning streak that looked like it was never going to end – AOTW #1 has been defeated.

The victor had been called AOTW Challenger B (because of its play-in game name), but now it seems as if it should take it’s proper name of AOTW #8.

Remember, you can vote can in the upper right hand corner.

Without any further ado, the next AOTW match-up of 2014.


I don’t post much movie related stuff here. Mainly because nobody wants to hear ANOTHER guy talk about a picture or trailer that came out several days ago. I will never be able to provide same-time movie updates and news; nor would I want to do that.

With that said, I do love reading about them. And as I’ve gotten older I’ve really started to take a “we’ll see” approach. So when Jesse Eisenberg was cast as Lex Luthor I didn’t freak out. We’ll see.

Then I saw the Vine below:

Ok, it’s basically him just standing around. If I was taped just standing around, I might look like an asshole too.

Here’s my concern, that’s him standing in a crowd of regular, Grand Rapids-sized people. He looks so small and meek. It’s like his default setting. I know Lex Luthor doesn’t have to look like the Rock or Schwarzenegger, but he can’t be the size of a child and not at all imposing.

Granted, maybe Mr. Eisenberg will simply blow me away with his acting. He will appear larger-than-life, striking, and with that certain Luthor-gravitas. We’ll see.

Final Auction Screen

Anybody remember the story of the $7600 M.U.S.C.L.E. lot? There were lots of reactions to it. One of my reactions, that I didn’t share because there isn’t much to say, was that it felt weird. Something about the auction just felt weird.

I keep notes because attempting to write an interesting daily blog, focused squarely on a roughly 30 year old toy, can be tough. The notes are random ideas about M.U.S.C.L.E. toys. Sometimes they turn into posts or sections of the website. Other times I finally delete them and think, “What did that even mean?”

One of the notes I made after the $7600 auction was, “Check the feedback.” So every week, as I write the Epilogue, I click my link to see if anything was posted. And since the auction ended (~5 weeks ago) there hasn’t been anything. Not until this Wednesday. The seller posted, regarding the buyer Alex Forbes, the following feedback:


Here is a screen capture from the arforbes feedback page. And here is a screen capture from the funatsales65 feedback page.

Something just continues to feel weird; which leaves me with two possible conclusions:

  1. Alex has stolen from this seller, thus committing a indictable offence – a theft over $5,000 in Canada. Alex is far crazier than any M.U.S.C.L.E. collector ever thought. He has upgraded from odd behavior to imprisonable criminal behavior to satisfy his desires.
  2. The entire thing is some silly arforbes/yapiel/balucard-like antic.

I believe the simplest answer is usually the right one. In this case, sadly, that’s #2.

One last thing. I think I’m at a tipping point. I think I’m officially becoming disconnected from pop culture – unless it’s through the lens of a six year old. I find myself seeing pictures of “celebrities” and thinking, “Who is that?”

That’s what happened with this picture. I don’t know who she is. I don’t know if it is new or old. It just seems like a nice palate cleanser to end the Epilogue. Have a nice weekend.

  1. #1 by Douglas Quinn on March 28, 2014 - 8:47 am

    The whole $7600 lot feedback thing does seem weird. Especially since it that comment went under a positive feedback score and not a negative score. That right there leads me to believe that the #2 explanation fits the mold.

  2. #2 by Chad Perry on March 28, 2014 - 8:50 am

    Sadly, sellers can’t leave negative feedback on eBay anymore.

    If you want to leave feedback, it has to be positive.

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