Epilogue – Week of October 15th

The last two weeks were just too busy. It was reflected in the lack of posts. I hate when that happens. It means I’m too tired to have a little fun working on the site.

When I started my search on eBay I rolled my eyes at the 4,062 listings. Ugh. I have the energy to look at eBay, but I don’t have the energy for that mess. Let’s just start with the ~160 auction listings.

Should I bring back my Macarena joke?
Nine figures. Eight pictures.
The opening bid made me laugh. A part of me will always be 13.
I feel like I may have to start tracking this listing too.
Always pay top dollar for Purple #208.
I hate the price. But will someone bid?
Head’s up. These were on display in 1997.
A little bit of stress on the red clamp, but a pretty nice piece.
I’m bidding on the bootleg and FLAF’s.
I don’t think people are allowed to say they don’t like Suckadelic stuff. I’ve never liked any of it. A handful of times I’ve heard people say they didn’t like it and the response was always, “You don’t get it.”

That has always struck me as the weakest argument given by pretentious sheep. Liking something is subjective. I like tomatoes. If you don’t like tomatoes, then I would never argue that “you just don’t get tomatoes.”

That’s too simple. I like Green Arrow comics. I’ve read much of the Adams/O’Neil run, and everything since Longbow. I never liked Mia (Speedy) being HIV positive. It was logical given her character’s history, but it always felt crowbarred in to me. It felt like Winick desperately wanted to recapture some of the social conscious of Adams/O’Neil. He had a personal connection too. But it always felt too formulaic to me.

Only a dope would argue, “You don’t get it.”

I get it. I just didn’t like it.

Not awful.
It’s the FLAF driving up the price.
Display case? No.
I really like this lot, but I’m not bidding.
“Rare!” Incorrect.

I’m going to try and look at a few BIN listings. How far can I get before I vomit?
Not a great start.

One. The rest were too terrible to mention.

Torpedoes continue to be damned.


Racer #1 actually had the figure at $71.22, but he must have turned the 10% discount back on. Racer #2 continues to sit tight at $29.95.

What is more likely to happen? I get bored of covering this or the sellers drop their prices. I fear it with be the former.

Did you guys see this?

I don’t know why it made me so happy. I tend to have a one minute rule on YouTube, but this was worth all seven minutes.

I was going to have an utterly gratuitous lady to wrap up the Epilogue. A picture or a gif or something. As I was conducting my search – very formally; not enjoying the work at all. I found the picture to the right.

What do you see? Do you know what I saw? Toilet paper.

That’s not a joke. You’re getting another sneak peek into how my brain works. I saw the toilet paper and my first thought was, “Why is that on the counter?”

My first thought was broken toilet paper holder, which made me think she was lazy for not fixing it. But then I just started thinking she was messy because there was stuff all over the bathtub too. I started imaging that her entire house/apartment is a total mess.

My brain 100% forgot about the boobs. My brain is a scary mess; like 3/4 used toilet paper on a counter.

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