Epilogue – Week of March 29th

#15 MUSCLE Figure HugeAs people continue to self-quarantine (hopefully) I keep reading and hearing some version of, “I’m bored.” I hate hearing that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure some quarantine situations legitimately suck. But if you’re healthy, fed, and have the internet – I don’t want to hear it.

I’m not foolish enough to say I’ve enjoyed my time quarantined, but I’ve certainly tried to make the most of it. “Bad Larry” showed me that I could be doing even better. During his quarantine he has created a Big Sunshine.

It is just under 13 inches tall and made of wood. Really let that sink in.

That beast is made out of WOOD!

Hopefully Talented Larry enjoyed it enough to make a few more. I wouldn’t mind one with a lighter wood varnish. I would be the first to pre-order. And I want to be that last to receive it. With my luck, a M.U.S.C.L.E. mail call would be how I got Cornoa and die.

Speaking of dying, what’s on eBay?

My offer? Recycle them.

Well, well, well. This guy sure has some interesting listings. (I’m sure some people are sick of hearing about ‘Class A,’ but I’ve decided it is better to record it. Just rolling our eyes at it hasn’t helped anything.)
Dark Blue #47
Dark Blue #86
Dark Blue #92 Green #185
Dark Blue #97
Purple #109
Red #139
Green #166

I won’t even venture a guess on these listings. Mainly because I’m only interested in Red #139. I won’t be the winner of the auction. I placed a tiny bid. Maybe I’ll throw in another, but it won’t be the winning bid.

I’m not sandbagging either. I know once a Master Set Fool buys it, then it will be cheaper next time. Sure, it doesn’t show up everyday – but it does show up. Plus I’m not dying for any stranger to mail me an unnecessary package.

Have quarantines reduced the number of assholes? No. Take a look at the first AOTW #1. They are starting their “Rare Class A 163 Mammothman Purple” at $50 Canadian ($35 US). Probably the biggest problem is that a Purple #163 isn’t Class A. It is a Class C figure. The good news is that the lot ended and did not sell. The bad news is that it will probably be relisted for $725.

The AOTW #2 has two beat-up 4-packs. What would you sell two beater 4-packs for? You won’t have the same answer as this seller. They decided a $249.99 BIN made the most sense. I don’t know what else to say.

We see numerous M.U.S.C.L.E. lots. The prices range from good to bad. Then some lots are outside of the good to bad scale. This seller has a $64.99 BIN for 10 dirty figures; making them the easy AOTW #3.

Finally, the AOTW #4. It is a destroyed and incomplete belt. What do you charge for that? For this seller, the obvious answer was a $30 BIN.

Cast your vote and crown the next AOTW Fatal-Four Way winner. Here are the four combatants:


Remember to cast your vote and crown this week’s AOTW Fatal-Four Way winner:

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There was sadness when our ULTIMATE AOTW Battle of the Champions Fatal-Four Way Winner #1 was no longer selling her empty box.

We thought this was the fine image of our old friend.

It was painful to consider our journey was over. We watched as she started at $250. Unable to sell it, dropped down to $160. The drops continued: $149, $145, $139, $135, $125 and finally $120…for a beat-up, empty box.

When she did stop, we knew there was a zero-percent chance it actually sold. It is an empty box. M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors see crazy things, but this sale was simply impossible. Plus, there is no feedback posted by either party.

We now have irrefutable evidence the box did not sell. It has been relisted with a $150 BIN.

Oh dear lord. Some other dope has “bought” the box and there is feedback from the buyer this time. Interesting that the seller didn’t leave feedback.

I think there is zero percent chance this belt has actually sold. It will be relisted. Pay attention sellers, this winner perfectly demonstrate the level-of-asshole it takes to be an ULTIMATE champion. She truly is the ULTIMATE AOTW Battle of the Champions Fatal-Four Way Winner #1.

Our inaugural champion has a very worthy companion.

The initial listing for the $3 figure was for $1500. The entire story was covered in AW #284. Apparently, there’s still a little more to add. The figure is STILL for sale with a $100 BIN.

This seller probably could be a repeat winner with their other listings.

An original SHA, with the head spur still attached, in the original Flesh color was sold for about $185. This seller is attempting to sell a yellow, headless version for $1,000. That is the level of commitment needed to become the 2nd ULTIMATE AOTW Battle of the Champions Winner.

Sadly, it looks like our second champion has paused their grifting efforts. I do not see the figure for sale, nor do I see any feedback.


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    That wooden Sunshine is great.

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