Epilogue – Week of September 22nd

This will be the lot that goes for the most.
But what about this lot with Class A figures?
I assume there are some Class A in here too, but I didn’t spend the time to figure it out.

These were going to be some Auction Watch auctions, but my Wednesday got crazy. What can you do?

This would have also made Auction Watch!
Did he use that picture because it looks purple?
Doesn’t the seller feel stupid using rare when he’s selling three of them?
Probably not. I don’t think this guy ever feels stupid.
Oh c’mon.
160 Flesh figures. The BIN is dumb, but what would be a fair offer?
I don’t remember seeing this figure before, but is the price fair or crazy?
For the hardcore Sunshine fan I think the BIN is ok.
About 130 figures with a BIN of $0.23 per figure.
I can honestly say I’ve never seen a lot like this one.
With this auction, this is the thing that stuck out to me – “This is a must have for any real muscle or 80s collector, don’t let this awesome slice of greatness pass you by. Good luck and happy bidding, ding ding :)”
I was surprised to see a deck of gay porn playing cards, but this was the weirdest thing that showed up in my M.U.S.C.L.E. search this week.
This was a very, very, very close second.
Sorry, nothing rare – but a nice lot of 72 mixed figures.
I like this figure, but what is a fair price?
Hahahahahaha…hahahahaha…that guy’s funny.
Nice lot of 55 mixed figures.
You’d have to pay me $0.49 to take this figure.
Nice lot of 160 mixed figures.
I’d open this in a second. There’d be something funny about a 4-pack fresh Flesh #1.
My brain is filled with useless information – time to add some more.
Am I crazy to think this is an ok lot – even at $20?
But I don’t like this one. Does the picture impact me that much?
43 Flesh figures, but what is the gray figure?
– I’ve asked a lot of questions this week. Why is that?
Nice box, but for that kind of money I want the window.
This auction is starting to make me sad.
She’s right. She wins.
This is how you sell a Satan Cross.
Not too bad of a lot, but kind of weird – right?
Every time I see this figure I think he’s a melting gummi.
This auction is over, but I still don’t understand it.
Hey, look! Or…you could help me clear out the rest of them.
Sure, they didn’t get a single bid at $449. A $550 BIN makes perfect sense.
Grandpappys-attic returns with a huge lot of stuff. He’s a seller that has mentioned several times.

I have to assume that most people have seen this by now. I hope I’m wrong. Or maybe you “saw it,” but didn’t take the time to watch it. Well, here’s your chance.

This video cracked me up. Not because the guys is so funny, but because this seemed like a page out of my life…but with Batman. And that was funny enough to make ma laugh. Also, the fact that his wife seemed to hate it felt very familiar too.

As for the Picture of the Week – you pick. Both of these stuck out to me, but I’ve got to admit something. I think the black-and-white picture is much better. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s not “sexier,” it’s just better. Do you guys agree?

  1. #1 by Douglas quinn on September 27, 2013 - 8:36 am

    ……Michael’s pets huh…… Seems like somebody lost the icing on the cake somewhere along the line. Why haven’t I seen this in court? Hahahaha. Anyone want to climb some trees…..hahaha.

  2. #2 by kingkarl on October 3, 2013 - 8:27 am

    anyone considering bidding on the uk muscle poster, be aware that he’s got 50! of them.
    I only found this out after I won the first one he put up, which I paid £25+P&P for……bah!
    I’ve received the poster and I think it is the real deal. he says he got them from the states with some muscle display/pos which he’s not selling. either way there’s plenty to go around so don’t get caught up in bidding wars or you’ll end up paying as much as I did!

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