DOOM Gotter – Baba Yaga

DOOM Gotter – Baba Yaga
By Ironhaus Productions and Luke Harris (Imperfecz)

The Baba Yaga Figure Set

DOOM Gotter – Bunyip
By Ironhaus Productions and Luke Harris (Imperfecz)

The Baba Yaga figure is a part of the third wave of DOOM Gotter figures from Ironhaus Productions and Luke Harris (Imperfecz).

The figure cost $20. The set includes the Baba Yaga figure and four random buildings. The figure is bagged with a unique header card, plus the building and figure are in a resealable plastic bubble with a cardboard packing that can be slipped in and out.

The Baba Yaga figure is cast in a keshi-like rubber and was available in at least eight colors. There may or may not be additional chase figures. The Olive Green color Baba Yaga figure is featured in the review and pictures.

Carded Example

Carded Example

Back of Card

Back of Card

Front of Backer Card

Front of Backer Card

The buildings are more rigid. The Imperfecz store states, “All buildings are cast in gray resin, with a black wash and glossy finish.” They may be cast in resin, but the paint leaves the buildings feelings more like a dense plastic. They feel much different than a regular resin figure.

The Four Buildings

The Four Buildings

The last DOOM Gotter review I admitted purchasing the figure for a trivial reason. The great part was that I was absolutely thrilled when it arrived. The Baba Yaga figure was purchased because I was super excited by the look of him. I wasn’t disappointed when he arrived.

The figure was larger than I expected. It still feels like a minifigure, but it feels so much larger and imposing with the perch and staff.

The first pictures, and maybe all the pictures, I have ever seen of the Baba Yaga figure were shot with the figure facing directly forward. The skull off to the side and the draping of the robe look great.

Baba Yaga Figure

Baba Yaga

Slightly Hidden Awesome Detail

Slightly Hidden
Awesome Detail

Side View


Inside the Stand

Inside the Stand

The other aspect of the figure I hadn’t seen highlighted was the inside of the stoop. There’s probably some mythological reason for it, but I didn’t care to look it up. It’s just cool.

It’s weird, but not finding the answer or reason made it feel more like a M.U.S.C.L.E. figure to me. I asked my youngest what he thought it could be inside the stump. He looked inside, looked at me, and flatly said, “I don’t know.”

It may not have sparked his imagination, but it certainly stoked the flame of nostalgia for me. I don’t think always trying to leverage nostalgia is a good thing, but sometimes it is nice when it’s a happy accident.

Again, as mentioned in the other DOOM Gotter review, I had one final request of my youngest as we took the pictures together. I wanted him to put together a picture using the complete third wave of DOOM Gotter figures. His final set-up can be seen below. It is titled: The Doom Gotter 3rd Wave – Bunyip and Baba Yaga.

You may already know these artists. But just in case you need to find more information, here are some places to find more information about Ironhaus Productions, check out these links:
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For more information about Luke Harris, Check out these links:
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If it has not been clear enough, then I want to make it perfectly clear at the end. Not only should Baba Yaga be added to minifigure collections, but the entire third wave of DOOM Gotter figures should be added.

The Doom Gotter 3rd Wave - Bunyip and Baba Yaga

The Doom Gotter 3rd Wave – Bunyip and Baba Yaga

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