Stir Up Saturday – Eyes Filled-In

Tweaked #141
Eyes Filled-In

Tweaked #197
Head Turned Slightly

Updates – 4-packs, Warped Figures, & Tweaks. Why do I get so much enjoyment from seeing these things again?

I love these little oddities. It’s also cool to see how much can change in five years.

The 4-packs might be fully documented (or, at least, very close). We learned that the Tweaked #197 is actually part of the FLAF’s known as Strong Men. But there is still one mystery – the Eyes Filled-In #141. What is this figure’s story?

We’re no closer today than we were five years ago. Has anyone else even come across this figure?

Auction Watch #95 had a pretty good premise, but terrible follow-through. I wish I had all the final prices. It would have been interesting to have data to support the hypothesis. I don’t think it would be as easy today. The eBay marketplace is largely a train-wreck.

Today I imagine I’d get more resistance to the idea that a $0.99 opening bid gets a higher final price. The main counterpoint is that we, far too routinely, see high opening bids and BINs that sell with one bidder. But do the idiots make it the rule? I don’t think so.

I would argue that when you have something “good” (whatever you believe that to be) that $0.99 is still the way to go.

The Epilogue, from five years ago, still made me laugh with this:

  1. #1 by Zero on February 26, 2017 - 10:15 pm

    From a soccer fan, that is funny.

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