Epilogue – Week of December 10th

I had the best week last week. It was such a great week that I didn’t even mind being terribly sick this week.

Normally when I travel for week I am by myself. And when I go to Tacoma it isn’t the worst. It is easily one of my favorite trips. One of these trips I will eventually catch a beer with Eric too.

I couldn’t this time because my family came out too. It was fucking awesome. I won’t bore you with all of the details; just two.

First, going back to Seattle was so much more fun with the boys. They were so excited to see everything. Their excitement was contagious. Pike Place Market didn’t feel like a tourist trap. It felt like exploring an undiscovered treasure with the boys. The best part was the boys acting appreciative. It’s awesome to see them have new experiences and enjoy them, but it is even sweeter when they genuinely appreciate it.

The second detail is Dorky’s Arcade. I’ve been to various modern arcades. It seems like everyone uses swipe cards and that every game is $1 or more. Dorky’s was like taking a time machine back to my childhood. They used quarters and just about every game cost $0.25.

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/Bcsh6x1FNXf/ hidecaption=true width=320]

The boys kept asking about games. I felt like an expert historian talking about the games. They were especially impressed when their mom set the high score on Centipede and Qbert.

When they played the original Star Wars arcade game I think they felt sorry for me. I told them how much I loved the game as a kid. I told them how amazing I thought it was at the time. They looked at me like I had survived something horrible.

While they loved the old games the new TMNT and Injustice games captivated them – especially the Injustice game. It is completely different from the console. The controls are totally different (I never fully understood it), but they got the hang of it very quickly. The brilliant part of the game, in my opinion, are the baseball cards the machine spits out. At the end of each game you collect a version of one of the characters. They were utterly addicted. They couldn’t get enough of the cards to create their own teams in the game.

I did have to point out the gross light. My oldest was playing Spy Hunter when I looked up. I was actually confused at first, “Why does it look like that?” Then it dawned on me. Fucking gross. I could pretend it was “old school arcade” charm, but it wasn’t. It was just dirty. The drinks should have been cheaper so I didn’t notice.

It was just the best week. We all had such a great time. I knew that to be a fact twice. The first time was when I turned around in a driveway that had a For Sale sign. I said, “Surprise. This is our new house.” Nobody flinched. Instead I was met with an enthusiastic, “Really?”

The second time was the drive home from the airport. My youngest cried the entire time. Why? “Because I love Tacoma so much.”

It was just the best week.

I dislike the use of “rare,” but is this the new norm? Auctions start around $0.50 per figure?
This was an insert, not its own thing. But a most own for the ephemera M.U.S.C.L.E. collector.
$0.99 but a $10 BIN?
“I will not cancel your bid if you win an item from me.” Um, good?
It’s only missing the key pieces, but that’s it.
“sorry, like many others I’ve been burned in the past.” With only one feedback as a buyer?
– I was going to mention the opening bid of $7.99 but this is the best part, “I am colorblind, but I think the man is blue.”
I was searching, “rare?” and found this auction.
I like the painted figure, but never at the price or shipping cost.
I like the MUSCLEMANIA figure in this lot.
I’d like that Iron Claw FLAF, but not anywhere near that price.

When did I select the last AOTW? This guy’s listing has earned him the title this week.

I know it’s Friday when I scream, “Damn the torpedoes!” People in my office are always confused.


Racer #1 shaved his price by $2.76 this week, but Racer #2 continues to hold at $24.95.

Last week I said, “This will be fun to continue watching for weeks and weeks and weeks.” That doesn’t feel correct this week. I think I should have said, “We will have to watch this for weeks and weeks and weeks.”

I know, for a fact, that Racer #1 was been trying to sell his figure for, at least, 2 years, 4 months, and 2 days. Buckle up collectors. We’re in this for the long haul.

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