Stir Up Saturday – Nostalgia

Did you miss the Epilogue?

I started one for yesterday, but there was so little content I scrapped it. I don’t think Epilogue will die the same death as Auction Watch, but it might not be weekly anymore. If that’s the case, then I need to figure out new Friday content. Any suggestions?

The good part of SUS is that there is plenty to reflect on five years later – even if there aren’t any posts. Thankfully I have some posts from five years ago this week. The first is the Venus Maneater figure review.

Little Shop of HorrorsGod damn this is a beautiful figure.

This makes me want to start bootlegging old figures. I own so many cool old M.U.S.C.L.E.-centric minifigures at this point. The Venus Maneater is a classic, but you can’t get him anywhere. Same story with a figure like Clawshine; that figure is over eight years old.

Of course, I would never do it. Not because or respect or ethics or anything like that, I just hate mailing stuff. Learning how to cast isn’t even my worry. It is literally the prospect of mailing multiple packages that stops me.

Custom MUSCLE FigureI was about a year late reviewing the Brute Squad figure when it originally posted. How am I going to find time to bootleg figures?

The Brute Squad would be another of my “products.” I mentioned it in my review, but it bears repeating. I am still blown away by the balance this figure achieves. Two heads on a single body and it doesn’t look wrong – from any angle. Tyler and Eric have been responsible for most of the best custom M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. Some of their other ones might be my favorites, but I am still blown away by this figure. It shouldn’t work. It should look awkward. It should look crammed.

But it doesn’t. It is perfect. It’s more than just a great figure or piece of art to me. It might be the greatest technical achievement of any custom M.U.S.C.L.E. figure.

Unlike this week, there was an Epilogue five years ago. The CUTIE reaction was the most interesting thing for me to revisit. It also made me wonder, “How will nostalgia change for toys?”

Obviously, nostalgia isn’t changing – that’s here to stay. But we were the first internet generation. For the first time you could Google something and learn everything about it. Now it feels like every toy is cataloged and documented on the internet as it is released. Hell, everything is cataloged an documented on the internet. It seems impossible to forget anything. Will my boys feel nostalgia for toys like we did? Probably not. Maybe.

It took about 20 years of my M.U.S.C.L.E. nostalgia to kick in. What will people be nostalgic about in 2039?

I needed to share this gif to the right. I was searching for a gif that screamed nostalgia to me. When I found the Sesame Street one it was an easy choice. However, this gif showed up in my search. It was so strange.

I’m sure someone knows exactly what it comes from – but I don’t. It is a strange image. I can’t imagine it helped sell a bunch of sandwiches. It certainly didn’t make me want one.

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