Stir Up Saturday – Cheez Balls

I wish all of the old Auction Watches had final prices. My bad guys.

I’m dying to know the sale price of the Leutters. I’m always curious to see those prices. My memory feels very unreliable with all things Leutters. My gut says that the sale price is either outrageously low or outrageously high, but I can’t prove it. It’s just my hazy memory.

The AW also had a bummer comment. The buyer of the Sunshine lot thought that the Dark Blue #107 figure was Purple. It is still clearly Dark Blue to me, but that is such a bummer. That has happened to me before. You’re riding a high because you think you’ve made a magically score. Then the package arrives and you come crashing down. It’s such a bummer.

The Epilogue had three things that I really enjoyed seeing again. Obviously the Cheez Balls made me smile again. I have such crystal clear memories of eating those things at my grandma and grandpa Perry’s house. The tuna article was cool to see again. I think it’s still relevant. And finally the Break Anchor video reminded me of the last time I had a killer hangover.

I also thought it was interesting to look back to when MUSCLEMANIA 4-packs were flooding eBay. The flooding, five years later, has given way to a nearly completely barren desert.

Auction Watch #122

Epilogue – Week of January 6th

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