Epilogue – Week of February 24th

I learned some important information about Gashapon figures. Looks like I need to make some corrections – bummer. Then I started taking some pictures of Series 6, and quickly discovered I hadn’t purchased the entire set. Bummer number two (it was way more than a bummer; I was super pissed at myself). Finally, in this week’s AW I mentioned that I couldn’t believe the $81 lot.

That was my third piece of data that answered my question. Sometimes people are stupid.

I’m including myself in that statement. I was excited to find some of the Gashapon sets at decent prices. I wanted to ramp-up my collection and I didn’t do the proper due diligence. I was stupid. Thankfully my mistake was pretty limited and I learned from it. That last part is the component that many people skip.

In fact, at least with M.U.S.C.L.E. figure collecting, I think many buyers double-down. They don’t want to be wrong – no matter what long-term collectors suggest. Making it even worse, they find other people to support their mistakes. Or they stop collecting.

What do you guys think?

Let’s take a look at the eBay dumpster fire.
Is this like the 500th #153 4-pack?
What. The. Fuck.
If I didn’t already own this, then I would bid.
Hey, it starts at $0.99.
Worst Canadian listing ever?
“These were often thrown away originally making them very hard to find now.” C’mon dude.
They didn’t throw it away.
Three pictures of the ring, but only one of the pile?
Can it benefit charity if it will never sell?
“THIS IS NOT A SUCKALEDIC, SUCKLORD or DKE production ! PLEASE STOP SENDING ME EMAILS ASKING IF IT IS !” I don’t think that email has ever been sent.
$109.99 BIN – guess the item.

I have a great transition from the eBay dumpster fire to the AOTW. Two days ago, in AW #281, I pointed out a lot with $14.99 opening bid.

I don’t think I said anything particularly glowing about the lot. However, I did admit I wanted to cut-up the two faded figures.

Did that double the price? Because the same lot now has a $30 opening bid. Wow, what a fucking asshole.

Maybe it wasn’t related to me wanting to slice up M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. Maybe they made that ridiculously stupid decision on their own. Either way, this seller is a total clown.

If, and it is a very big if, the seller changed it because of AW #281, then they may not have the strongest reading comprehenison ever. In the same post I mentioned I had a big bag of faded figures (you can actually see some of them in this picture). The seller may have lost the only idiot interested in his lot. I’ll just cut up my own faded figures.

For science.

No other reason.

It’s not like I enjoy destroying M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.

The AOTW #1 is a 65 Flesh figure lot with a $355.15 BIN. I literally did a double-take. It works out to about $5.46 per-figure. Wow.

The AOTW #2 was first featured in AW #279 and the unsold results were shown in AW #280. This clown is holding fast at the $39.95 BIN.

The AOTW #3 is the first appearance of anything related to the Kinnikuman Kinkeshi Premium. The seller has a $300.08 BIN for the set. However, you can easily buy it for around $45.

Finally, the AOTW #4 features a “#234 figure” with a $9.99 BIN. But without a size measurement, it could easily be a #141 figure or the wrestling ring figure. Either way, the price sucks.

Cast your vote and crown this week’s AOTW Fatal-Four Way winner. Here are the four combatants:


Remember to cast your vote and crown this week’s AOTW Fatal-Four Way winner:

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It looks like the polling plug-in is broken. You might see a poll. You might not. Unless the plug-in magically fixes itself voting will have to happen in the comments this week. Sorry.

Since discovering that our AOTW Battle of the Champions Fatal-Four Way Winner #1 is still trying to sell his empty box, I like to check in each week.

Five weeks ago it had dropped down to $160. Four weeks ago the price was $149. She sat firm for a period at $145. This week it has dropped to $139. It is simply amazing.

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