Stir Up Saturday – Two Weeks

Missed a SUS last weekend. Now there’s an overabundance of stuff to look back at and reminisce.

The MMMM #18 has some of the cutest figures that aren’t in my collection. Every time I see these things I think, “Just buy one already.” But I’ve always felt like I’m waiting for the one. I’m such a romantic.

When I saw AW #143 I realized that we’re getting close to the end of AW tracking final prices. A major regret for me. Thankfully we can still look at these sale prices. I’m a little bit surprised looking back at these prices: (1) $50 Red #153 4-Pack; (2) $100 #153 lot; (3) $130.40 SC lot; (4) $17.59 Hell Turtle; and (5) $280.51 lot with Purple #153.

I can’t decide what surprised me the most. The damaged Purple #153 should probably be my answer. I should probably be surprised that it sold for so little money. But I think it is the Hell Turtle. I would pay $20 for that lot without thinking twice. I would probably get sucked into a bidding war too.

The Epilogue had some cool stuff.

I had forgotten the picture to the left. It might be the only time a truly NSFW picture could be clicked on. How many people clicked on it to see the NSFW picture from the same set of pictures?

I’m glad I’ve moved away from doing that. It was a cheap and I don’t really like looking back on it.

MMMM #19 is another thing I don’t like. That’s not fair. Professor Terry did a great job. I hate the #162 M.U.S.C.L.E. figure.

The #206 M.U.S.C.L.E. figure is a figure I’ve grown to like as an adult. His pose only served one purpose when I was a kid. Muscleman could flex and celebrate at the end of a match. He also served as a good door guard when he joined Cobra and the Empire.

Do you know why I revisiting Warped Figure Updates? Inevitably I start scanning through the full Warped Archive. It is such a weird cool collection.

Do you know what I found most interesting about AW #144? The Purple #2 sold for $54.05. A few days ago the figure sold for $51.

My hope continues to grow that macro-Class A madness is over. That also means accepting that micro-Class A madness is going to get very intense before all Class A madness ends.

Oh my, I’m so glad that the previous Epilogue and this Epilogue ended up in the same SUS. I was able to learn that the NSFW picture was far and away the most clicked link of the week. That puts a big smile on my face.

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