Stir Up Saturday – Welcome to SUS

The M.U.S.C.L.E.

The snake has finally eaten his own tail. Five years ago the first SUS was published. Obviously it was the last post of that week, but I think it’s ok to start with it today.

I have really enjoyed looking back at the site, but it is weird to see reflections that seem…current? It doesn’t feel like five years since I wrote that post. Hell, it doesn’t feel like I should have a 12 year-old, but here we are.

That picture, to the right, isn’t actually my Pre-Pack. It belonged to Doc. He took those pictures for me. I didn’t get my Pre-Pack until Patrick Gresham gave me his. I could have sworn I had some pictures from when that happened, but I can’t find them.

Displaying the Pre-Pack has basically been impossible. It is large and awkward. As much as I love it, the size has made me consider selling more than any other item. Of course that will never happen. I’ll keep in disassembled, right where its is, and always lovingly complain.

Professor Terry talked about Mapman (M.U.S.C.L.E. Figure #102) in MMMM #45.

I hate admitting when I don’t remember a post, but I don’t remember this one.

In stark contrast, I clearly remember this Cannibal Gyu Dome review. I clearly remember feeling conflicted – but I don’t think I properly explained it. My consternation was more rooted in thinking I shouldn’t like a figure so close to another figure.

But I loved it because it was so vastly superior.

Cannibal Gyu Dome FigureThe Cannibal Gyu Dome, may or may not, have drawn direct inspiration from another figure. It doesn’t matter. The boys created a vastly superior version.

It’s like being upset that someone else made a better fish figure or bear figure. I was stupid.

Speaking of stupidity, AW #161 is full of it.

Although I do have a pang of jealousy. I wish there were still listings worth talking about.

A Manufacturing Error Figures Update did support an, at the time, new theory. I was the only person that cared then and I’m the only person that still cares.

Finally, there is the Epilogue. I really loved that Lemmings gif, especially with my Robin Williams rant. Five years later I feel the same way. Is it bad to like re-reading the entire Epilogue?

Do you think the Ferguson joke still works? It has turned into a pretty deep cut.

My favorite part to re-read was the diving. I don’t remember the moment perfectly, but I remember the pieces. It’s funny because he’s turned into a total fish. He can swim in any temperature water in any temperature. His ability to be in freezing water combined with his love of the outdoors makes me think this kid will end up a Navy Seal or Army Ranger or something like that.

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