Epilogue – Week of October 25th

What did I miss since my last wave of posts? Nothing.

Oh, sure. Collectors got all hot and bothered about “quality control samples” or “first shots” or whatever term got thrown around. But that has always been a topic. They only people that get especially excited are the people trying to sell them.

M.U.S.C.L.E. was a turnkey product. It’s why Mattel wanted it – they didn’t have to do much work. All the toys that have “first shots,” or whatever, are BRAND NEW toys. That isn’t M.U.S.C.L.E. for Mattel.

We do know that Mattel made Color figures for the third commercial and that Mattel wasn’t stingy with people on the project taking M.U.S.C.L.E. figures home. But there’s no evidence of anything more.

“What about that color or that figure?!?!”

You got me. It is a bit of a mystery – but the truth is usually pretty boring.

The figure could have been from a “bad” batch. It could have discolored. It could be dyed. It could be an error. It could be from the third commercial. It could be a million things – but it’s not a test shot figure. That’s the one truth we do know – from the mouths of people that worked on the M.U.S.C.L.E. project at Mattel.

“Yeah, but the original owner was from Mattel.”

Cool. All the other stuff is still true.

I think collectors get hot and bothered about these issues because they want to sell for the highest price and/or want to feel special by owning the “special thing.” The former is understandable, but the latter is fucking stupid.

“If I’m wrong, then ok. But if I’m correct, then I’ve got a special piece of M.U.S.C.L.E. history.”

I’m Batman. Even though all the emotionless data suggests I’m not – you still have to prove I’m not Batman. I know I’m Batman, some people agree, and that’s good enough for me. If you don’t agree, then you’re probably just jealous of me being Batman.

That’s what the vast majority of M.U.S.C.L.E. discussions feels like. It has always been like that, and that’s why I’m done arguing. What’s the point?

It’s the same with the Red #135 that showed up on eBay. Andrew emailed me the link. The listing was down before I even saw it. He said it got to $100 or so and then was stopped due to an “error in listing. He assumed the seller got a big offer.

I was emailed about the story too. I went over to Facebook (that group “banned” me, do they know I just have to log-out to read it?) and read a little. Went over to LRG to see what they were saying about it.

What’s my conclusion? The situation was filled with assholes. I think it’s shitty to try and end an auction early; scoring a deal outside of eBay. I think it’s shitty to “inform” the seller; you’re no hero – just a person making sure someone else misses out too. It is all shitty.

There also seems to be a rush to delete figures from the Master Set because it is inconvenient and Alex Forbes is a documented liar. Admittedly, those are two fair reasons. Red #131 and Red #135 and seem to be the most popular deletions wanted.

Red #131 M.U.S.C.L.E. Figure

Red #131 in a 4-Pack

I wish I had a picture of the Red #135 from the eBay listing. It was gone before I had a chance. But I do have a picture of a Red #131 in a 4-pack. That certainly seems like a strong counter-argument to deleting it from the Master Set. But what do I know?

M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors seem anxious to make discoveries and shit on the past.

I know discoveries are fun. Not so humbly, I’ve made a fair amount of them. But you can’t force it. They happen because of commitment. I’ve been looking for M.U.S.C.L.E. truths, in earnest, since 2001-2002. My last discovery happened in 2017 and it only happened because he found me. Years and years of yelling into the abysses with this website paid off. (You could possibly suggest 2020, but that wasn’t my discovery – I just got to share it.)

Now collectors want to say the Master Set codebreaking discovery from Soupie and URS (and all the people that helped, discussed, and worked on it too) is bullshit. It is bullshit because they’re having a hard time finding figures. I won’t do it, because I know how thorough and laborious their efforts were. Don’t get me wrong, it would be a great advantage for me. It would effortlessly move me closer to a Master Set. I’d rather use evidence and actual data before we make any changes. It feels like the hate for Alex trumps the respect of their work. But what do I know?

In AW #308 I stated that I wanted to collect some more data. I started, but stopped. Nobody wants to read that I was correct. I didn’t enjoy being right. And what was the post going to look like? What was going to be the title?

Current M.U.S.C.L.E. “Community” As Shitty As I Expected!

Does not seem like a winning post, but I’m still hopeful. I’m hopeful because it can change anytime. Whatever tattered version of the M.U.S.C.L.E. community currently exists can be improved. Or not.

I heard that people were even suggesting that I was working with Alex. Or that I was helping scam something. I don’t even know. If that’s true, then the M.U.S.C.L.E. community is even worse shape than I imagined. I’d love to hear the actual theory – whatever it was.

My assumption is that people believe I passionately hammer on the keyboard; that I yell and scream at the monitor. Veins pulse on my forehead and sweat drips down my brow.

I think it’s because I’m not always nice. Or subtle. Do you know why I’ve always felt comfortable enough to be that way? Because there’s no scam. I don’t need anything from you. I’m not trying to sell anything to you. I’ve never had to keep my stories straight. I don’t tell different versions. It leaves me very free and relaxed. I don’t think anyone assumes that. But what do I know?

I haven’t looked at eBay in a good three months. I expect to be horrified.

I need to start with Forever Unsold.

As of writing, the nine figures isn’t listed. I expect it to be relisted. This has happened a few times. I did smile when I saw the price tag is an unwavering $11.50.

The garbage backing card actually sold. I’m speechless. I didn’t think there could be a buyer so stupid, but I was 100% wrong. There is, in fact, a buyer stupid enough. The human animal is truly fascinating.

Finally there’s our big ticket item. He reduced his price by $7,999. He still knows it’s a $2 item.

I wonder why he finally changed his price? And how did he settle on $2,000? Does he think the scam will work better? And why did he change it on August 21, 2020? Fascinating.

Is there a way to block sellers? Not a joke. A deadly serious question.
I was going to buy this lot, but the seller is “Not sure of specific names.”
Nobody believes this, right?
All the people that would buy these figures – haver bought them.
You couldn’t pay me to start collecting M.U.S.C.L.E. figures today.
The FLAF’s are selling this lot.
Someone plans on over-paying for that #153.
“**RARE**” Fuck you.
Fuck you again kerstacher.
Fuck this guy.
Save this for the next AOTW.
Who cares?
So hungry to matter.
Show Ashura-Bull the respect he deserves.
Gotta save this for too for future AOTW.
If $30 MUSCLEMANIA 4-packs are the norm, then I’m sitting on a legitimate fortune.

A Green #168 with a $250 BIN. The last documented sale was $43.50. But what do I know?

Ok, did Kinnikuman suddenly clog eBay? I don’t remember ever seeing this many items in my search. I’m also shocked how many of them suck. It feels like there one cool thing for every 20~25 items.

Happy to see some $0.99 listings.

Actually, maybe I should also make those a feature? I should highlight the sellers that aren’t disgusting, desperate pigs. I do fear that the Dollar Store (working title) feature will be painfully infrequent.

1-tallponderosa-1 bringing the $0.99 energy.
Satan Cross that started at $0.99.

I think subsky78 wants an AOTW tournament to herself. But she’ll have to wait. Asshole of the Week has been on hiatus since the last Epilogue, but we still crowned a winner. It’s time to find the fourth AOTW Winner to face-off against three other winners in the first AOTW Battle of the Champions.

If you want more commentary, then click each combatant’s picture. I won’t rehash it for previous readers.

Cast your vote and crown the next AOTW Battle of the Champions Fatal-Four Way winner. Again, here are the four contestants:


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There used to be a long write-up about the first and second ULTIMATE AOTW Battle of the Champions Winners. The 3rd winner has a tiny backstory, which made me think we don’t need the full saga anymore.

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